Shehu Dalhu Abdul-Mummin Writes: Reflecting As You Prepare For Ramadan

Being a Muslim and being born in to a Muslim family or community doesn’t guarantee you true faith. Neither being a Muslim scholar guarantees you heaven.

A true Muslim is a Muslim for the sake of Allah and does only what pleases Allah.

We must be Muslims only for the sake of Allah and not for the pleasure of others, no matter who the person is

One of the signs that qualifies a true Muslim is that. His deeds are done for the sake of Allah regardless of what anybody else desires or wants from him.

All our action must reflect in the deed of our holy infallible prophet( SAWW). For he brought us the deserving guidance.

Sometimes one begins to wonder whether these condition are met by Some of us. We cannot be true Muslim without true love for humanity. It is not about how long you pray, how many times you fast and how frequent you attend Mecca.

How much love have you shown to Humanity, your brother, neighbor, friends and community and how much love have you shown to the vegetation around you, the animals, the water bodies. How much time do you spend with the children, the vulnerable, the sick and the hopeless.

One thing that must come to constant attention is that. It is not about your good deeds done but how you return to your maker with the same deeds being intact without losing it.

It is not being a Muslim but how you return to Allah whiles maintaining your faith as a Muslim.

It is a great opportunity as the sacred month of Ramadan inches to reflect on the following

Why are you a Muslim?

What type of Muslim are you, the learned or the ignorant, the guided or the Misguided?

Are you practicing for the sake of Allah or for the sake of the people?

Glory be to Allah(SWT) who has kept us till this blessed month, which beginning comes with mercy, middle being forgiveness and the ending comes with withdrawal from hell fire.

Certainly the holy month has arrived and It is time to fast and nourish our souls with spiritual uplift. It is an opportunity to seek sincere forgiveness and attainment of piety. I pray and hope that, together we accomplish total purification of our souls upon commemorating the month of Ramadan.

I wish this Ramadan will infuse in you the courage that will help you triumphant over the adversities of life.

It is a period we look around and reflect on our actions, it is time we strengthen our ties in love and care. It is time to pray for ourselves and our love ones. As we pray let’s remember to pray for our dear region and our nation at large for peace, stability and prosperity to prevail.

We starve our bodies to feed our souls in other to gain sincere piety and closeness to Allah. It is only possible when we replace hate for love among us.

May Allah’s blessings and mercy be on us all. Ramadan Kareem

This message is by kind courtesy.

Hon: Shehu Dalhu Abdul-Mummin
Spiritual leader of Ahlul bayt mission in Tamale and Sarikin zongo -Tamale

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