Deputy Director, Finance And Administration Of Cocobod Calls On Director Of Tema Port

The Deputy Director of Finance and Administration of COCOBOD, Ray Ankrah has paid a familiarization visit to the Port of Tema.

According to Ray Ankrah, the Port of Tema is a major instrument for the COCOBOD’s business, hence, he deemed it important to visit and also introduce himself to the Director of Tema Port, Sandra Opoku to foster a good business relationship.

He said, COCOBOD is charged, per its 2018/2019 vision to have an annual output of twice the number they are used to producing, which would eventually influence the export numbers.

“We have all kinds of interventions that we are working on at the moment which is geared towards increasing our yields and output. So the increment that you have seen already, you haven’t seen nothing yet,” Ray Ankrah reiterated.

He said COCOBOD is also prioritizing exploring more international markets for export, because research has it that Ghana Cocoa is in high demand.

Ray Ankrah appealed for continued collaboration between GPHA, and COCOBOD, to make sure Ghana reaps fully the benefits of an improved Cocoa business.

“The development of new markets is a target. About a month in office we accompanied the President to Japan and everybody wants Ghana Cocoa. So if you are looking for the business, the business will come,” he said.

Sandra Opoku, Director of Tema Port indicated that COCOBOD is one of Tema Port’s best contributing customers, with increasing cargo volumes year on year, so GPHA will continue to place itself useful to help the cocoa business.

“If you look at the statistics from 2017 we had about 24,000 tonnes but 2018 it has risen to 65,000 tonnes so we are hoping that 2019, we will do better,” she indicated.

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