ECOWAS, UEMOA Steering Committee Settle On Validation Of Transport Facilitation Project


A project advancing committee has met in Accra to lay down proper roadmap for the ongoing infrustractural boosting among the 16 West African States.

The project which is part of effort to boost community trade, facilitate transport and road transit in the west African sub-region through the provision of quality infrastructure among member ECOWAS states, a project steering commitee tasked to fulfill this objective did a review as to how far the work has been so far.

The Transport facilitation project II which is also aimed at facilitating the free movement of goods and persons as a result of several challenges facing road corridors and borders among member states was also reviewed by the committee.

The Programme took place on May 2 & 3 in Accra.

The two day workshop also saw the project steering committee comprises the regional Authorising Officer for ECOWAS Commission, the regional Authorising Officer for UEMOA commission, The ECOWAS Commissioner for Infrastructure and the Inprest Administrator present at the event.

Not only these portfolios were present but also the Imprest Accounting Officer, the Focal persons for the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Republic of Ghana and Togo were all in attendance.

Fall outs from the meeting revealed that the committee have now set forth guidance as to how to accomplish and implement the programme from now till September 2020 with major funding from the European Union through the EDF resources.

Story By: S.K Tetteh

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