KOSSA Ranks Korle Bu CEO Best In Performance Review

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital has been ranked the best among the Directors of the hospital, attaining an ‘A’ mark in KOSSA
In a performance review exercise conducted by the Korle Bu Senior Staff Association (KOSSA) for the 2018/2019 year, it emerged that Dr. Daniel Asare who took over as CEO of the hospital on September 2, 2018 has tremendously changed the hospital for a better institution.
Speaking at KOSSA’s Forum on the state of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, President of the Association Charles Palm I dictated that the achievements chalked by the hospital are as result of the visionary, experienced and enthusiastic leadership exhibited by the CEO with his one year in office.
According to him, KOSSA has been established to ensure the wellbeing, growth and progress of the hospital and for that matter conducted a thorough analysis of the affairs of the hospital for the last one year when the current board and management took over.
Charles Palm noted that the current management under the leadership of the CEO Dr Daniel Asare has creditably performed by running an open-door policy, where board members and management avail themselves to staff of the hospital.
He intimated that the current board and management always conducts wide consultation before taking decisions that will affect the hospital.
“Due to this diplomatic style of the Board Chairman and his level of constant engagement with KOSSA leadership with respect to governance matters and some Board decisions, this has enhanced cordial relationship and also unlock resistance and agitations which are key to development and deserve commendation,” he said.
He noted that issues of victimisation, intimidation and harassment of staff and culture of impunity are things of the past under the current management and board.
The KOSSA President also enumerated that many success stories are beginning to emerge from the hospital as new HoDs have been appointed, restoration of MRI/CT Scan machines to full service, ultrasound services restoration, Oxygen plant restoration among others.
He also indicated that there are new initiatives are being undertaken by the management and board of the hospital, stating that the construction of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit that will offer first class service to children is one of the greatest achievements.
Charles Palm also mentioned that there has been the rehabilitation and operationalization of the Accident and Emergency Centre which, according to him had contributed greatly to the reduction of ‘No Bed Syndrome ‘and thereby improving quality patient care.
He also Commended the board and management for taking the bold decision to digitalize the hospital operations.
According to him, the hospital authorities must however speed up the process to reduce patient waiting time, revenue leakages and improve revenue mobilisation.
In an interview with the CEO of the Hospital, Dr. Daniel Asare after KOSSA awarded him an 83% mark resulting in an ‘A,’ he explained that his achievements as far as managing the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital is concerned, has been made possible by efforts of his staff.
He said the good works that are being felt in the hospital wouldn’t have been possible if the team he is working with decided to go wayward.
“I must confess, I have the best team. And I believe my achievements are possible because of their efforts and work,” he said.
Dr. Daniel Asare also pointed out that he joined the hospital by accepting the offer by the President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo, to bring change to Korle Bu.
He said he set out to achieve the ambitious goal by assembling quality staff who are also with the same vision, hence the feat.
Dr Asare also touched on the new and ongoing initiatives at the hospital which he hopes will ultimately improve patient care, among them is the construction of a State of the art 700 capacity mortuary, “the biggest in West Africa” that befits a premier hospital.
He also averred that the construction project for the morgue and maternity block will begin this year and that the Korle Bu Board, Management, GHS and the Ministry of Health are working to uplift the hospital as it attains 100 years in the next 3 years.
“In the next 3 years when Korle Bu will be 100 years, we will see a real Facelift,” he said.
He however thanked KOSSA for the award and said that, to him, is a sign of confidence that the staff of the hospital repose in him and that the onus lies on him to work much better to be able to achieve the purpose for which the hospital was set up.
He thanked his staff for being the pillar of his achievements at the hospital.

By: Prosper Agbenyega

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