Show Of Power: Chief Naatia Prepares Herb In Basket During Fire Festival

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The people of the Northern part of Ghana have celebrated their annual fire festival or “Bugum Chugu” in grand style with much display of culture and power.

This year’s fire festival or “bugum chugu” was held peacefully by the tribes making the mole Dagombas namely, Mampurisi, Gonjas, Moshie, Sissaalas, Dagombas, Nanumbers and Konkombas.

It is celebrated in the first month of the local calender called “Bugum goli”.

Amid the show of power, the leader of the Kejebi Shrine and Grand Master of the Making Dreams Reality (MDR) spiritual society in the Northern Region, Chief Naatia Salifu who is also a known philanthropist showed off his incomparable powers which came to many people as a surprise.

 The powerful spiritualist prepared herbs in a basket for the first time in the history of Dagban culture.

The exploit which was performed in Tamale Sagnarigu during the Fire Festival was seen by many people as the most powerful performance so far seen in the Northern Region.

The Chief was seen instructing people around to pour water and some leaves into a basket whilst he poured powder and other items, amid performance of some rituals.

Interestingly, the basket became full of herbal medicine.

Although baskets are known for not being able to hold water, it amazed all present to see that the basket in which the herbs was prepared never leaked.

The herb remained in the basket all intact without any drop or traces beneath the basket.

Lots of people who heard about the powerful exploit by Chief Naatia Salifu trooped to the venue to have a glimpse of the development.

The Fire Festival or “Bugum Chugu

The history of fire festival can be traced back to a time when one powerful king whose name has been lost in the story lost his loving prince.

The story has it that, the price went out to play with his colleagues in the bush but along the way got tired and went and slept under one tree, his colleagues after playing couldn’t find him so went home and reported the case.

The chief and his people started searching for the lost son and as it was dark, they lite up torches made of grass which gave them light.

After several hours of their search, they found the prince under a tree, they took him home and threw the torches on the tree.

On their way home they sung, drummed danced and fired local guns.

Fire festival or Bugum Chugu is celebrated immediately after supper with traditional tools such as torches made of grass and drums made from animal skins.

The celebration of fire festival is characterized by drumming, singing, and dancing of worriers dance called “ziem” with the song “yoo yoo yoo yaa yoo” and firing of massacres or local guns.

The festival is observed by men, women, children, the old and the young.

The celebration of festival helps in uniting families as members who lives elsewhere go home to mark the celebration with their families , it is also used as an occasion to thank God for his guidance and support throughout the year.

People usually travel from outside the region and the country to watch fire festival, because of this, there is usually present of security to ensure peaceful celebrations.

Chief Naatia

Speaking to the people after the festival, Chief Naatia described this year’s celebration was one of the best since no accident was recorded in the Tamale metropolis.

He said, the Bugum Chugu Fire Festival in Northern Ghana is one of the most important days among people of Dagbon, but is well known also among Gonja, Mamprusi and Nanumba, all living in the Northern part of Ghana.

“After so many centuries, the way of celebrating the fire festival hasn’t changed much, but nowadays, most of the people who celebrate it don’t know its origins. People in Northern Ghana celebrate it as the beginning of the New Year and to honour their ancestors. Every community, village or part of the village gathers in groups to celebrate the upcoming year. The main festival takes place in central town,” he said.


Watch Chief Naatia as he prepares the herb in a basket




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