Ag. Reg. Commander Cited By Suspect In Stealing Of 14 Huge Cows In Dansoman

The Newly appointed Greater Accra Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police Edu Ennim has been cited in a complaint lodged at the Dansoman District Police Station for allegedly ordering the seizure of some 14 Cattle belonging to some farmers in Tunga at Dansoman.

The 14 Cattlewhich were believed to have been stolen, have been taken away by a group of five fully-armed policemen from the Regional Police Command led by one Adams Saani and a Bailiff from the Accra Circuit Court.

The policemen and their accomplices came to the area in a police toyota tundra pick upĀ  fully armed with an AK 47 assault rifles with a Rhino Pick-up truck full of Fulani herdsmen who aided them in carrying away the 14 Cattle and one Toyota Corolla with Registration Number GT 391-16.

This paper has gathered that the said Bailiff, E.W. Quagrey from the Accra Circuit Court 4, and his accomplices clandestinely used a ‘fake’ Court Order for a Fifato rob the cattle owners at Dansonman, Tunga of their 14 cattle all in the name of an alleged court order which was not visible.

It has emerged that E.W. Quagrey, a bailiff from the Court with a signed inventory for a Fifa for the Court rather posed as a Deputy Sheriff Officer for the Court and endorsed the inventory records on September 12, 2019.

The said bailiff led by Adams Saani and the armed policemen in a Toyota Tundra belonging to the operations Unit of the Accra Regional Police Command stormed a Cattle ranch at Tungain Dansoman at 6:35am and claimed to be executing a Fifa Order given by the Accra Circuit Court 4.

Information gathered indicated that Adams Saani who led the said operation, is not a party to the Suit in a case involving SalifuAmoak(Plaintiff) and Abdul Karim (Defendant), which generated this alleged Court action but claimed to have a Power of Attorney to represent SalifuAmoak in Court for the case.

However the Court in its judgement of that case gave a ruling for Plaintiff and awarded cost against the Defendant in that case.

Meanwhile, Adams Saani and his group of policemen being led by the said bailiff, E. W. Quagrey, claimed to have in their possession a Fifa Order from the Court to retrieve properties belonging to the Defendant in that case for failing to settle the cost awarded.

But, a close examination of the document in their possession was for the bailiff to take inventory of the Defendant’s properties and not for them to Rambo-styled the area and steal the 14 huge Cattles.

The said document which was to be signed by a Deputy Sherriff was covertly signed by the Bialiff, E.W. Quagrey is a ‘Writ Of Fifa and Inventory Warrant No. C11/09/2018.’

The incident however had been reported to the Dansoman District Police Station under whose jurisdiction the alleged stealingwas done but without the consent of the District Commander.

When the District Commander questioned the accomplices in the crime, the suspect Adams Saani cited the Newly Appointed Accra Regional Police Commander, DCOP Adu Annim as the authority on which the order was carried, hence being escorted by the five weapon-wielding police officers to the area for the operation.

The policemen threatened the owners of the Cattle not to take any photographs of either their cars, or the ongoing operation to seize the 14 cattle from the ranch.

The Dansoman Police Commander after interrogation then asked the Complainants to go to the Accra Regional Police Commander to verify the claims which led to the alleged stealing of the cattle, which he could have done easily through a phone call or a Police Gotta Communication gadget direct to the Accra Regional Commander, but failed to do so.

When the Accra Regional Commander was called upon by the Complainants, he debunked the allegation of his knowledge, consent and order of approval for the alleged stealing of the 14cattle.

He then called the Dansoman Commander and ordered for the immediate arrest of all the suspects including the five policemen involved, and queried the Dansoman Commander on why he did not call him on phone when the suspects and the complainants were all paraded before him in his office at the station.

Meanwhile, the order for the immediate arrest of the suspects and the retrieval of the cows has not been heeded to, and the suspects including the bailiff, the auctioneer and the purchaser of the cows are currently on the run.

When the suspect, Adams Saani was called to report at the Dansoman Police Command, he said he was in the Eastern Region and could only report on Monday, September 16, 2019.

Meanwhile, the Regional Police Commander is calling on the Dansoman Police Commander to arrest and process the suspects for Court for implicating him in such a heinous crime of the stealing of the 14 cows from Dansoman.

By Prosper Agbenyega


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