Akyem Kotoku chiefs set the record straight

The Royal Agona Frimpong Manso lineage of Akyem Kotoku have been drawn to a Press conference held by Nana Akua Asantewaa Kotoku Ohemaa at her private residence on 16 September 2019.

As Royal Abusuapanin of Omanhene Nana Dr Frimpong Manso IV l would like to set the records straight in line with Akan custom and tradition and the Chieftancy Act 1971, (Act 370) and 2008(Act 759).
The process of destoolment of a chief can’t be set aside because of someones whims and caprices and her spurious of fictions of heretics press conference.

An Omanhene could only be destooled after preferred charges have levelled against him through the Abusuapanin by the Ohemaa and the family. After consultation and discussion with the family we then meet the Gyasehene who will then call a meeting with the Royal family and if this is not resolved at that level, the Gyasehene will then present the case to the Kingmakers. It is the Kingmakers who have jurisdiction on the case and NOT the Ohemaa.

The Kingmakers having powers to destool will then refer the destoolment charges to the Regional House of Chiefs Judicial Committee.
If they uphold the charges, the appellant has the fundamental rights to appel National House of Chiefs Judicial Committee. The destooled chief has the right to go to Supreme Court and Supreme Court Review.

Therefore what Nana Akua Asantewaa Kotoku Ohemaa did by sending Zongo boys to slaughter a sheep without herself, Abusuapanin, Chiefs and Okyeame presence is repugnant which must be condemned with no apology by every Kotoku citizen and Ghanaians.

By her violation of Kotoku custom and tradition which has desecrated the stool, appropriate atonement rituals were performed by Krontihene of Akyem Kotoku, Nkwaguasofo Abusuapanin, and Kotokuhene Akyeamehene to pacify the stool.

The Ohemaa has no right to constitute a Traditional Council which she is not a member neither Anyinasehene who is not a divisional chief and was the chairman of the press conference. Anyinasehene from Nana Asimeng has never being Kotokuhene Abusuapanin therefore the present Anyinasehene can’t abrogate to himself as Kotoku Royal Agona Abusuapanin. The queenmothers union members who came to support her would be called to order by their individual chiefs.
Nana Akua Asantewaa is an Ohemaa who over 40 years has never visited her stool house on any Akwasidae to perform her customary duties and again the house is now in ruins.
It was through her lackadaisical attitude that in 1975 Okoforobuo Agyeman Attafua IV was enstooled without her exercising her customary prerogative of nomination and failed to challenge the enstoolment.

We are by this press release as the Abusuapanin of Omanhene of Akyem Kotoku and Kotoku Royal Agona Awosohene advice all press houses to treat all conjectural statements from Ohemaa with all contempt it deserve because in Akan custom and tradition “way3 dom”.
We the elders and the Abusua of Frimpong Manso lineage give our support to Oseadeyo Nana Dr Frimpong Manso IV as the Omanhene of Akyem Kotoku.

Long Live Kotoku
Long Live Kotoku Adu Ampofo Antwi
Long Live Ghana.

Nana Ameyaw Gyansiama
Kotokumanhene Abusuapanin
Nana Kwadwo Sasu
Kotoku Royal Agona Awosohene

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