Woman Accused Of Hypnotizing JHS Student

A middle-aged woman at Agona Kwanyako in the Central Region has found herself in trouble after she was accused of hypnotizing a 16 year-old final year Junior High School students of the Methodist Basic School at Agona Kwanyako in the Central Region.

The incidents was said to have occurred on Thursday Oct. 3 2019 during the period of the celebration of the Annual Akwambo Festival of the town when the woman, Magareth Esi Mintaah asked her son, Kwesi Panyin to send the girl, Sarah Nyakoh to another when she went to visit her classmate, who is the daughter of the woman.

Following his mother’s orders, Kwesi Panyin was said to have sent Sarah Nyarko to the house where he locked her up in one of the rooms.

Failing to report back home from school, the adopted parents of the girl, Mr. Solomon Asante, a farmer and his wife, Mrs. Martha Asante decided to mount search for Sarah and upon enquiries from some of her friends, they were told that she was found in the company of the woman’s daughter, who is her classmates.

Narrating her ordeal to Newsghana.com, Mr. Asante said he and his brother went to the house of the woman, Magareth Esi Mintaah and upon asking her of the where about of Sarah, she denied setting eyes on her that fateful day.                         

He said upon further information, the continued to the house where Sarah was being kept and found her slippers in front of one of the doors.

He said this aroused their suspicion and decided to knock on the door when Sarah’s classmate responded, but told them that she had not seen there that day.

According to Mr. Asante, his brother then entered the room and found Sarah hiding in a corner of the room.

He said when they brought Sarah out and asked her why she refused to come home, she seemed to have lost her senses, as she could not recall where she was and how she got there.

According to the Asante family, Sarah collapsed three times within an hour when she was sent back home, and anytime she recovered, she begun to utter strange words and mention strange names.

When Ghananews.com tried to speak with her, she collapsed again in the process, and it took the Asante family about fifteen minutes of prayers before she recovered, and seemed not to be aware of what had happened to her.

The case has since been reported to the police in the town, pending investigations.

By: Robert Ayanful

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