GOIL’S Higher Grade Fuel To Benefit All Consumers At No Extra Cost

Ghana’s leading oil marketing company says it will continue to be the trailblazer in innovation and the provision of quality petroleum products and services in the country.

The Chief Operation Officer of GOIL, Alex Adzew, told Eye on Port in Accra that, the introduction of Super XP RON 95 to all consumers, at no extra cost, was in line with that objective.

Alex Adzew recalled that even though RON 95 had existed in the Ghanaian market it was on a very small scale, adding that GOIL has now ensured that Ghanaians enjoy this enhanced fuel type on a wider scale.

“I’d say 80-85% of our stations are covered. And I’m sure by the end of next month all our stations will be covered,” he said.

He indicated that the characteristics of Super RON 95, include improved engine performance, adding that with the combination of special additives it cleans the engine of carbon deposits.

“We are also adding additives and the additives do not warrant increase in pricing. Yet we put in additives, to ensure that there are additives in there to clean the dirt when the fuel burns,” explained.

He disclosed that the RON 95, has also been designed to be environmentally friendly, to reduce carbon emissions.

“There is complete combustion, and you are able to have environmentally clean surroundings because what is coming out very friendly to the atmosphere. You would see that the colour for RON 95 is green depicting how environmentally friendly fuel is.”

Alex Adzew, listed GOIL’s pioneering role in ensuring price stability in 2016, the introduction of the mobile laboratory van to ensure fuel quality at service stations as well as the introduction of fuel management system and automatic tank gauging at service stations on a mass scale.

He said GOIL will continue to ensure that, the Ghanaian is given the best quality and affordable fuel products, hence called on Ghanaians to continue to patronise products and services from GOIL.


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