Ga Abola Royals Appoint Dzaasetse As Acting Ga Mantse

The Nunoo and all Allied families of the Ga State and Custodians and Owners of the Ga Mantse Stool, (Throne) have declared the Ga Abola Royal Stool Dzaasetse, Nii Okai Awua II known in private life as Henry Nii Ayikushie Addo, as the Acting Ga Mantse in the absence of a Substantive Ga King for the People of Ga Dangbe.

The announcement of the declaration was made at a Press Conference held at the Nunoo’s House in Accra.

According to Jonas Nii Akwa Ashong Agyeman Nunoo II, the Shippi of Abola Royal Stool who addressed the media, the appointment of Henry Nii Ayikushie Addo became necessary as tension is brewing in the Ga State over attempts by some people including political figures and traditional leaders to impose one Dr Kelvin Tackie as the Ga Mantse on the people.

He said the inordinate attempt being orchestrated is gradually brewing tension in the Ga State as the said Dr. Kelvin Tackie from the Teiko Tsuru We, is working his way onto the Stool is not from the Abola Piam Royal family whose turn it is to install a Ga Mantse.

Nii Akwa Ashong Agyeman Nunoo II also stated that the “act to forcefully impose Dr. Kelvin Tackie as Ga Mantse against the Ga Abola Royals is a fraudulent and an unlawful act,” explaining that there has been three lawful and government Accredited institutions namely the Ga Traditional Council, Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs and the Gborbu Commission Report which is the Justice V.C.R.A.C. Crabbe Commission Report that confirmed in their various hearings , findings and rulings that it is the turn of the Ga Abola Piam Royals to Rule as Ga Mantse.

Meanwhile, he stated that personalities in government including, Greater Accra Regional Minister Ishmael Ashitey, and his Deputy Elizabeth Sackey, the Chieftaincy Minister Hon Kofi Dzamesi, Municipal Chief Executive officer of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly Mohammed Adjei Sowah, New Patriotic Party Odododiodio Parliamentary Aspirant Hon. Bannerman, Deputy Interior Minister Henry Quartey, and some traditional leaders including the Gborbu Wulomo, the Otublohum Mantse, Nii Duodu Nsaki and Nii Moi Allotei Brown are deeply involved in their own interest and perpetuated acts to defy the norms regarding the Ga Mantse Stool.

He also revealed that attempts were made by these personalities to set up a Commission of enquiry into the Ga Mantse saga under the disguise of bringing unity among the two different candidates and one already gazetted chief in the name of Boni Tackie Adama Latse II.

“But, that was only rather a bait to push and impose Dr. Kelvin Tackie , who does not come from Abola Piam as the Ga Mantse on the people of Ga State,” he averred.

He also recalled instances where evidences were given as to the turn of the Abola Piam Royals to assume leadership of the Stool.

According to him, the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs in 2015 with all stakeholders ruled in favour of the Ga Abola Piam Royals to have their turn on the position of the Ga Mantse throne.

Nii Akwa Ashong Agyeman Nunoo II also mentioned that the Justice V.C.R.C Crabbe Commission Report at the Nungua Gborbu Wulomo Shrine also finally confirmed that fact but these hearing ,facts findings and rulings are all being disregarded because of the “selfish” interest of some personalities to help get Dr. Kelvin Tackie onto the Throne.

He however mentioned that there are currently some mediation ongoing over the past few months with some considerations expected to be met between the Gborbu Wulomo, the Ga Abola Royals and their families and the Chairman of the Justice V.C.R.C. Crabbe Commission to get them agree to their “own modified to adjust ” plans but to no avail.

He said the time has come for the Ga Abola Royals to take custody of the Ga Mantse Stool which indeed, called for the Ga Abola Dzaasetse to be made the Acting Ga Mantse until the Abola Royal and all Allied families nominate and install a substantive Ga Mantse from Abola Piam We, for the people of Ga State.
Speaking to Nii Okai Awua II, the Newly appointed Acting Ga Mantse, he said his appointment to take custody of the Stool is in right direction as in accordance with the traditional structures and rites of an Abola Royal Stool Dzaasetse.

According to him, since it is the turn of the Abola Royals to install a Ga Mantse, it behooves on the Abola family head that is also the head of the Nunoo family to take over the throne which is why he, as the legitimate Dzaasetse and the Kingmaker, was asked to assume the throne in acting capacity to bring peace in Accra.

He explained that the Ga Mantse Stool belongs to the Abola Royal family, stressing that it is a bonafide property of only two major houses, the Abola Royal Division and the Asere Royal Division and that it was as a result of the roles the Abola Royals played during the battles they fought for the Asere Royals against the Akwamus.

He therefore indicated that the position being held by Dr. Kelvin Tackie as a Ga Mantse is not “recognized,” and adsolutely unlawful by all custom ,traditions and rites since it is not their turn to rule, and for that matter, any inordinate attempt by people including politicians and traditional leaders to forcefully push him, (Dr Kelvin Tackie) agenda will not be countenanced by the due process of our traditional Rites and laws.

He also appealed to the His Excellency the President and the Chief Justice not to recognize the illegitimate title being accorded to Dr Kelvin Tackie as far as the Ga Mantse is throne is concerned.

He said the Abola Royals are ever ready to avail themselves for any investigations regarding claims and their legitimacy and issues tha they have made to the involvement of persons in the undue attempts to impose Dr Kelvin Tackie on the people of the Ga State which is very likely to trigger clashes in the coming days should there be any attempt to hold a coronation ceremony in Accra.

By. Prosper Agbenyega

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