Edward Osagyefo Joins “COVID-19 Cure; Africa Must Look Within” Campaign

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of African Youth Peace Campaign and President of Pan African Alliance in the Middle East, Edward Osagyefo has joined other Ghanaian Celebrities, living home and abroad, on a campaign dubbed “COVID-19 Cure; Africa Must Look Within.”

The campaign which is powered by Think Media Expert, is an appeal to Africa leaders to look within for a cure for the novel Coronavirus that is sweeping the whole world.

The novel COVID-19 cases keep rising day by day with no hope a cure in sight.

As at today, April 4, 2020, Global confirmed cases hit 1,101,342 with 59,113 reported deaths.

225,514 people who contracted the virus have recovered.

There are however reports that China and other Western nations are sending some PPEs including nose masks, hand gloves etc to Africa and even plan to use Africa as test ground for COVID-19 vaccines.

Meanwhile, Ghanaian Celebrities and others from Africa said the time has come for Africa to rally it’s own people to find solutions to the problem.

He said Africa has great men and women who can do much to save the situation hence, there will be no need for Africa to depend on China, America or any other nation for face masks and hand gloves.

“Africa Must look within and identify these people, resource them to be able to produce these materials for use by the people. if Africa continues to depend on receiving these items from other nations, it will be difficult for us to be able to find cure for the virus. This is the time. For this fight against COVID-19, Africa Must look within,” he averred.

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