PNC’s Ewusi Urges Akufo-Addo To Stop Deceiving Ghanaians Amid COVID-19 Fight


In the midst of the fight against an enemy one can not see but have a committed will in Fighting have proppeled the presidentof the republic, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo to promise Ghanaians free utility water tariffs spanning from April to June with constant water supply to every household whicht, the deputy organiser of PNC has said is a total deceive and can not be achieved hence must be ignored by well meaning Ghanaians.

Mr Ewusi further lamented that, “it is only here in Ghana the president can make promises that can only be seen in the skies”
Mr Ewusi in an interview questioned the president his strategies employed to fulfill this promise of lies.

The president indicated in his recent address to the nation, that all public and private water tankers will supply water to every community free of charge without payment.

Mr Ewusi said,flow of water in many communities affected by the lockdown for over decades have been a major problem that have not been addressed, so how is the president’s promise feasible? He asked.

According to the PNC organizer, “Ghana water company as we all know is not able to produce to consumers demand due to difficulties and challenges faced by the company”

Mr Ewusi further indicated that, “Ghana water company is currently indebted by government yet the president went further to announce a promise he knows he can’t fulfil.

“What arrangement did the president have with authorities of Ghana water and water tanker drivers to warrant him such promise to Ghanaians” Mr. Ewusi quizzed.

The PNC deputy organizer noted he was surprised the manner at which many Ghanaians took to social media jubilating over a promise which in it’s right senses can not be achieved here in Ghana.

*Reaction to the pronouncement by GWCL*

The CEO of Ghana water company after the pronouncement by the president in an interview indicated, that Ghana water can only provide only 3 days running water out of the 7days in a week because of many technical challenges that have been in existence over a period of time.
He said in his statement that,a higher percentage of the citizens buy water but owners of this water are not willing to give it out for free. How can people benefit from this promise when it is needed most at material moment.


Mr. Ewusi urged the president to call for proper stakeholders consultation in this regard to develop a strategy to his promise than spewing what can not be feasible to Ghanaians.

“As a country I think we need to ask government questions on their approaches to solving some basic challenges that distracts human livelihood like constant flow of water,proper road construction amongst others” the young politician added.

The deputy organiser of PNC finally said, the party will at all times constructively criticize government when the need arises because Ghanaians deserve better than what successive governments have offered them.

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