Testimonies galore, as hundreds throng Nkawkaw Dominion herbal centre to confess healing after using Dominion herbal powder

It was a joyous moment for hundreds of individuals who visited the premises of the Nkawkaw Dominion Herbal Centre at Tradoso to testify their miraculous healing after using a herbal product made by Prophet Joseph Mensah, the CEO of the centre, known as Dominion Herbal Powder.

Majority of these individuals had either been cured of their illness or have accompanied their relatives to testify and confess their healing by the herbal medicine and also buy enough to continue using for absolute treatment.

According to most of them who confirmed to have received their healing, they had hitherto been suffering from diseases such as either high or low blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failures, prostrate disorders amongst many others but after using the herbal medicine, they feel delivered from their former predicaments.

A typical issue was made by a woman who could not hide her joy when she spoke to our news team that, her husband, “Agya Okoto”, a 70 years old man, who had falling I’ll of acute stomach ache for half a year and had been admitted severally at most hospitals and health facilities within the Kwahu area, heard of Dominion Herbal Powder and requested for a number of them.

According to the woman, after using two bottles of the product, her husband Mr. Okoto,  is now up on his feet and going about his normal business, a situation that led almost everyone in his house, accompany him to testify his miracle at the centre.

Speaking to journalist who witnessed the situation, Prophet Joseph Mensah, the CEO of Dominion Herbal Centre, who had little words to say indicated that, for him, many pastors are killing alot of people in Ghana by their lack of knowledge and solutions than car accidents does. He however noted that, the Dominion Herbal Powder is an immune booster that helps the body in any battle against diseases.

“What you see today is a manifestation of God’s power in herbal medicines and this has been given to Africans, I mean Black’s including my nation Ghana but as the Lord rightly said again, for lack of Knowledge, my people perish. Many men of God today kill people haphazardly in this country because they lack knowledge on healing sick people and yet, because of money, they will admit seriously ill people in their church for prayers and see them die, instead of tell them the truth to go elsewhere and seek healing. That is why I have decided to stop that trend by using “Akoapa Nokwafour” to first ascertain a patient’s challenge to know whether it is spiritual before I give you treatment in this centre. I give thanks to God Almighty and invite everyone who needs my help to find me. Thank you he said.


Report by Nana Kwame Andoh

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