Binatone introduces Mosquito Repellent Fans and Air Purifier into the Electronic Market.

Renowned and globally acclaimed electronic brand, Binatone has introduced new series of products namely,An Air Purifier and Standing Fans with Mosquito Repellent  & Air Freshener Features.

The feature of the fans would be equipped as mosquito repellent and can act as air fresheners while blowing air.

The new standing fan which have strong recall factor in Ghana and across the continent is known to be of quality, durability and having state of the art design.

The Binatone standing fans are known to have  durable blades that guarantee effective swivel and also to ensure longer life span.

Remote control fan is also been added with this twin new features apart from also having the option to run it with customized timings.

The fans also run as noise free operation and do have a 70 watts of strong power with a long endurance.

It comes in multiple design colour options and shapes.

Air Purifier AP450

The Binatone  Air Purifier comes with a power capacity of 50wats with a long life silent fill copper motor and reduces reduces indoor contaminants from the air.

This new product as well has a touch screen control with a large display.The amazing newly styled Air Purifier has a 4

stage purification.

All the dust and particulate matter which permanently removes from the air and collected in the filters.

Additionl features that comes with the brand are its auto air quality and temperture sensors,3 Fan Speed for the Air Flow Adjustment, a 12 hour timer,  special memory function to fit for frequent power instabiliy regions , last but not the least is its filter alert to remind when it is time to replace the filter.


Binatone has been in existence since 1958 at United Kingdom as a result of the company’s desire to meet the modern lifestyle needs of customers and offer them products of value.

Binatone also has extended it’s wide range of products across namely blenders,rice cookers,Gas cookers,Air Purifiers,kettles,fans,heavy duty fans,microwave ovens, fridges,deep freezers, wall fans, ceiling fans, industrial fans among other products.

Binatone has a strong nationwide presence in Ghana and strong footnote across the African continent.

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