Calbank holds annual thanksgiving service as staff receive awards

The staff of Calbank PLC gathered at the forecourt of their multipurpose head office in Accra to thank God for seeing the staff, board and the bank through the year 2021.

The bank also rewarded its staff who have worked for the past decade and a half and more.

The Thanksgiving service saw the Greater Accra regional staff of the bank clad in their white dresses, sing and dance in an exciting and jubilant service.

The theme for the service was; “For thou art with me”.

The senior Pastor of Holy Hill Assemblies of God Rev Dr Kwadwo Bempah in his sermon urged the staff of the bank to keep their faith in God and also commend the management of Calbank Plc for holding annual thanksgiving as an appreciation to God.

The managing Director of Calbank Plc Mr Peter Owiredu in his remarks said that Calbank as an institution gives praises and thanks to God.

“At the year we seem to ensure that we give praise and thanks to God for that he’s done for us throughout the year.  As an institution, we do ensure that we set targets for yourselves which ensures that we see growth, increase in profitability. Obviously, as an institution, we work towards these throughout the year. So that at the end of the year we would see that we have improved as compared to the previous year”.

According to him, last year the Covid was quite new to everyone so in terms of coming to terms with it, in terms of getting to know how to manage it was quite a difficult one thought we have a second wave in the country this year in terms of management of it at least we learnt from the first wave that we have had.

“We have been able to put in place measures for both customers and staff to be able to ensure that we can deal with as far as the covid is concerned”.

He added that as an institution, they have put together a three-year plan and the core of it is to ensure that retail business among others is expanded.

“As an institution, we have strategic initiatives and as I said we have put together a three-year plan and the core of it is to ensure that we expand our retail business, our people are key to us, technology is key to us. Our culture is key to us, risk management is key to us”.

Throughout this year we have prosecuted quite a number of initiatives in terms of what he set to us for the first year; he concluded.

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