Achiase Senior High School Celebrates 40th Anniversary.

The Achiase Senior High School in Achiase District in the Eastern Region has celebrated their 40th anniversary in a grand style.

The Headmaster of Achiase Senior High School ,Mr. Eric Amoah in his address stated that in 2020 when he assumed office as the Headmaster , the first thing he did with the staff was to analyse the WASSCE results for the past five years 2016-2020 .

After the analysis, he realized that , over the years the students performed well in their four elective subjects areas than the Core Subjects thus denying them entry to tertiary levels and for further studies.

With clarity on the causative factors of the problem, they collectively sought and deployed strategies and interventions that are now beginning to yield excellent results.

Few among the interventions is HEADMASTER’S CHALLENGE CUP” which is a competition for laurels, medals and trophies among students at house levels.

This Quiz competition in the four core areas have over the years generated keen competition among students and for three years running, the challenge cup has been very successful.

He appealled to all the Media houses in the Akyemansa enclave, other organizations and individuals especially natives of Achiase home and abroad to support the program so that he will continue to organize it annually to impact the younger generation who are the future leaders.

The impact of this and other interventions is what has has helped the school to produce one of the best,if not the all time best results of the school in 40 years.

Out of 435 candidates they presented at the WASSCE 2022 Eighty Eight of them had A1 in Mathematics. This is unprecedented achievement in the life of the school.

Another deliberate and purposeful intervention that was launch of of Friday March 17th 2023 with most staff members and the entire students body was what they call operation 8As Project.

This projects specifically prepare their best 40 students at each level from form 1 to form 3 for 8As.

Talking about disciplinary issues, he said the school is on 1 mile 3 Miles rectangular land areas with no fence wall, not even at the forefront parts of the school so therefore maintaining discipline is a very big challenge.

This notwithstanding, the PTA has put in place some interventions in place to instill discipline among students and these interventions are yielding results.

The Headmaster said Achiase SHS is faced with major challenges, some are as a result of neglect and others as a result of relocation of the school. These challenges are many but are surmountable,if they all decide to put their hearts and their chest to the wheel.

Some of the challenges they are facing now are as follows,no staff accommodation, no field for recreational sporting activities,no office for heads of department,no fence wall to maintain security,no computer laboratory,no science laboratory although all equipment and tools are intact, very limited dormitory facilities, very limited classroom facilities and also very limited lavatory facilities and above all intermittent water supply.

Considering the terrain where the school is sited and interest of masses within the vicinity,we would be very grateful if the ministry of Education can consider adding the technical education aspect to the secondary education.

He said, his passion is to see ACHISEC develop in shortest possible time,so he pleaded with the minister of education to help them with the needed infrastructure to make the school grade ‘A’ within next decade.
The Member of Parliament for Achiase Constituency ,HonKofi Ahenkorah Marfo urged all stakeholders to visit the school and interact with the leadership to find out the needs of the institution so that they all join hands in it’s development.

He said since the priority of the nation is to bring education to the doorsteps of every Ghanaians school going child, so also his office want for the school.

Education and training are the top most means to empower the youth to help achieve the country’s development goals.

He said he has done a lot of projects in the school.

The MP said currently he has lobbied for a 1 kilometer road and drainage system which will be done in the school very soon .He added that, he has spoken with the chief of Achiase and those in authority so that some citizens of Akyem Achiase can be recruited into the military.

Let us not rest until Achiase Senior High School gets their fair share of Education Infrastructure Development to enhance positive teaching for both teachers and students.

The MP invited all stakeholders to support the development of the school to enjoy quality of education the government of Ghana is focusing on.

The Eastern Regional Director of Education Mrs. Ivy Asantewaa Owusu said to achieve excellence,it is essential to create a serene and an enabling environment that foster the development of a community that can grow intellectually , socially and ethically, and is therefore able to pursue successful and fulfilling careers.

To sustain these gains, there’s the need for all stakeholders including the traditional leaders, parents as well as the clergy to support in all diverse ways in reaching this hight.

She urged the students to continue to uphold and defend the good name of the noble institution.

ACP Kwasi K. Amoah (RTD)ESQ Board Chairman of the school said to be able to achieve academic excellence,the students must learn well.

The recent SHS results of the year 2022 speaks volumes of success and I must congratulate teachers and students.

Education is important in all aspects of life. It can change and shape the character of students. Teachers therefore have the responsibility to take effective steps to cultivate and improve the virtues in the lives of students at the same time teachers can extinguish vices in the students which sometimes they acquire through peer influence.

One of the role of stakeholders,is where the Old Students Association,play a significant role as it exists in other schools.

He urged the board to initiate good policies to support the administration in the running of the school.

He urged the students to take Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) very serious.

He advised the students that their lives are constructed heavily around their growth within four walls of the school,with the right mindset, consistent hard work and determination, you shall attain the aspiration you always dream of.


The Achiase Senior High School in Achiase District Eastern Region has celebrated their 40th anniversary in a grand style.
The future of Achiase is very bright
They will support the school to achieve the agriculture TVET program the Headmaster ask for because if you have the land to about 3 miles of land to do that program and if they have the land government have to support them develop that land.

If the school want to part of grade ‘A’ schools then they have to be very discipline in all areas so that they can achieve that. The difference between grade ‘A’schools and grade B school is discipline not compound.

He is very happy the Headmaster is trying to ensure more discipline in the school.
He urged all stakeholders to support the Headmaster in achieving that.

The reason why the students are there is to learn so he urged the students to take their lesson very serious and be discipline.
The special advisor to the president Hon. Nana Yaw Osafo Marfo in is address said looking at the achievement so far, the future of Achiase is very bright.

If the school want to part of grade ‘A’ schools then they have to be very discipline in all areas so that they can achieve that goal. The only difference between grade ‘A’ schools and the other grades school is discipline not compound or any other thing.

He said he is very happy the headmaster is trying to bring more discipline to the school so he urged all stakeholders to support the headmaster in achieving that.

He advised the students to take their lesson very serious and be disciplined.

The senior advisor to the president said they will support the school to achieve the agriculture TVET program the headmaster ask for because they have about 3 miles of land to do that program and if they have the land government have to support them develop that land.

He said he will see to it that anything that the school need to develop he will do it so that the school can achieve it’s goal.

Report by Samuel Quao.

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