All Nana Addo sod cutting are Sakawa sod cutting-H.E.John Mahama

The former president of the Republic of Ghana H.E. John Dramani Mahama, reiterated to the fact that the idea of the town hall meeting was due to consultations by the party National Executives to officially deepening and highlighting the manifesto to the people of Ghana to understand why Ghanaians must vote massively for the opposition NDC and H.E.John Mahama come 7th December, 2020 general elections.

Speaking at the town hall meeting in Kumasi KNUST great hall, H.E.John Mahama, said doe we haven’t gone for polls to cast our votes yet but the ruling party NPP and H.E.Nana Addo have decided to stole the NDC manifesto and idea of Legalising Okada operation in Ghana.

According to him, Ghana’s economy under H.E.Nana Addo and Dr Mamudu Bawumia is the worst economy Ghanaians have ever experienced in the 21st century.

He stated that most contractors are owing those collapsed banks so if till now the said contractors are still not been paid and due to this some have died and some too have gotten strock because of bad leadership and management of Ghanaian contractors by this NPP government.

H.E.John Mahama said he is going to make sure that he settled all debt owing to contractors and collapse banks and microfinance institutions.

The next government of NDC will ensure that saving made by customers would be use to open more shares and also granted them loans to purchase and own their own house.

He said that the he will establish Gold Development Fund to make sure that they support miners through skills training and loan that came help them to finance their own satisfaction as a small scale mining.

According to him, those who mining leased which have been taking from them and have been given to Chinese or other person will be taken and give it back to the rightful owner’s because the NDC believed in promoting and protecting indeginous businesses.

If you look at Kejetia market is the biggest market in town.

He is going to built mini Kejetia market across the country.

According to him, he is going to give every SHS, JHS and Primary drop out will benefit from free technical vocational training skills.

He noted that while in government there was a plan to built a new suame magazine assembling plant and also laise with Smido to train more mechanics in electronics car repairs.

Most often people lost their lives through cancer and kidneys problems so they will set up cancer and kidneys disease program that can help support affected patients.

He will establish an Anti-Corruption Unit to deal with corrupt officials both in government or non government officials.

“I will reduce my appointees so that those salaries could be use in paying Assembly members” he lamented.

He is going to make sure he will reopen all radio stations which have been closed down by this current government just because the said stations speaks against party A and not party B.

According to him, those Arms which have been given to party footsoldiers just to intimidating people here and there his government will ensure that they use those monies to resources the security agencies.

He all the sod cutting going on in the country are all sakawa sod cutting so he charge traditional authorities to ask this question to any government officials who will come and ask for a land for any sod cutting they should ask them is it in their manifesto if not they have the right to stop them.

By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina

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