Blue Ocean Investment launches cutting-edge LPG Bottling Plant to transform the LPG industry

Blue On Investment announces the launch of its cutting-edge LPG Bottling Plant, a revolutionary facility that will transform the LPG industry. The plant, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and boasting a storage capacity of 4,000 Metric Tonnes, is set to revolutionize the bottling process and enhance customer satisfaction.

During an LPG stakeholders’ meeting held on Friday, October 20th, 2023, Blue Ocean Investment’s management hosted key industry players including LPGMCs (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketing Companies), AOMC (Association of Oil Marketing Companies), Tanker Owners Association, and Tankers Drivers Association. The meeting focused on showcasing Blue Oceans readiness toward the implementation of the Cylinder Recirculation Model policy. The CRM represents a forward-thinking policy directive aimed at increasing access to safe, clean, and environmentally friendly LPG for Ghanaians, with the goal of reaching 50 percent penetration by 2030.

The framework of the CRM was developed through collaborative efforts among various stakeholders in the LPG sector.

The event was met with enthusiasm and excitement from all attendees, who recognized the significant impact Blue Ocean Investment’s LPG Bottling Plant will have on the industry. The facility tour and truck exhibition demonstrated the company’s commitment to providing top-notch services, fostering strong relationships with stakeholders, and driving innovation in the LPG sector.

Commenting on the launch, Blue Ocean Investment General Manager, Mr. Zwelithini Mlotshwa, said the Blue Ocean LPG Bottling Plant is a game-changer in the industry. It features a telescopic conveying channel that seamlessly transfers empty cylinders through various stages of the bottling process. From degreasing and pressure washing to weight checking and programming, filling on an automatic 18-filling head carousel that delivers 1200 cylinders including 3,6,12.5, and 14kgs, per hour. The plant also includes leak detection and shrink-wrapping capabilities and every step is meticulously designed to ensure efficiency and safety. The Plant also has a manual Filling installation that fills 36kgs and 52kgs and serves as a backup to the automation”.

The CEO of AOMC Mr Kwaku Agyemang Duah expressed his enthusiasm for this ground-breaking project, stating, “The Blue Ocean LPG Bottling Plant marks a significant milestone in our industry. Its advanced capabilities will undoubtedly enhance our ability to serve customers better and meet their growing demands.”

The company’s commitment towards safety was evident as Mr. Mlotshwa explained, ‘This state-of-the-art facility not only streamlines the bottling process but also prioritizes safety and quality control. With cutting-edge leak detection systems and stringent quality checks at every stage, Blue Ocean Investment ensures that every cylinder leaving the plant meets the highest standards. He further remarked that The Blue Ocean LPG Bottling Plant’s direct connection to the storage facility eliminates cumbersome transportation steps, reducing costs and minimizing the environmental impact. This streamlined process allows for faster turnaround times, ensuring a steady supply of LPG cylinders to meet the increasing demand’

About Blue Ocean Investments

Blue Ocean Investments is a leading player in Ghana’s downstream sector. The company is mainly in bulk supply, distribution, storage, and terminal services. With a portfolio that stretches to over 120 different customers, Blue Ocean Investments has established itself as a key player in the downstream oil industry. The company is also the first BDC in Ghana to be certified with three ISO standards.

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