British-Ghanaian Citizen Suhununu Mahama Arizini Runs Away with UK Investors’ Money

According to an ongoing investigation, a British-Ghanaian Citizen, Mr. Suhununu Mahama Arizini(also known as Zini) has allegedly defrauded Bellingham Telecommunications Limited(UK) in Ghana to the sum of over thousands of British Pounds.

The Headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department(CID) has been petitioned to investigate the alleged fraudulent case involving Suhununu Mahama Arizini.

In October 2021, Bellingham Telecommunications Limited through its Agent, Mr. Daniel Tobias Gilbert enlisted Mr. Suhununu Mahama Arizini to assist the company with an expansion project in Ghana. Mr. Suhununu Mahama Arizini together with other Directors established the Star International Telecom Limited(Ghana) for the partnership with Bellingham Telecommunications Limited(UK).

After the incorporation of Star International Telecom Limited(Ghana), Bellingham Telecommunications Limited(UK) transferred a total of 107,422.69 British Pounds into the Fidelity Bank Accounts of Star International Telecom Limited(Ghana).

Without approval and authorization of Bellingham Telecommunications Limited(UK), Mr. Suhununu Mahama Arizini unilaterally took all the amount of 107,422.69 British Pounds from the Fidelity Bank Accounts.

Further private investigations conducted by management of Bellingham Telecommunications Limited revealed that Mr. Suhununu Mahama Arizini had allegedly misappropriated the funds and transferred monies from the bank accounts of the company.

However, the wife of Mr. Suhununu Mahama Arizini intervened and paid about 25,722 British Pounds out of the total amount that her husband has transferred and misappropriated.

Several attempts has been made by Bellingham Telecommunications Limited(UK) to get Mr. Suhununu Mahama Arizini to pay the outstanding balance but to no avail. It has been extremely difficult to reach out to Mr. Suhununu Mahama Arizini.

Currently, Suhununu Mahama Arizini is being investigated for stealing and fraud.

More details to follow soon

-Prosper Agbenyega

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