Chiefs Calls On Youth To Embrace Culture.

The Adontenhen of Agona Asafo in the Central Region, Nana Kwaw Ponsi V has called on the youth not to see traditional cultural practice as fetish, but take interest and participate in it, as that is what identifies their roots.

Speaking at this year’s Yam Festival celebrated by the Royal Twidan family of the town, the Chief said it is not enough celebrating the events annually, but rather the youth should take active interest in their tradition and culture, as they hold the fort to the next generation.

He bemoaned the situation where the youth of today have branded culture as fetish practices in the name of Christianity. A staunch member of the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Zion Church and a leading member of the Men’s Fellowships, Nana Kwaw Ponsi said culture is not fetish as it is made to believe, and has therefore admonished the youth to discard that notion and participate in the practice, as that is what identifies their roots.

By Robert Ayanful

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