Chiefs Warn Wassa Fiase Trouble Makers!

Pix: Nana Abena Kunadjoa II, Paramount Queenmother of Wassa Fiase Tradtional

Paramount Queenmother of Wassa Fiase Tradtional Area in the Western Region, Nana Abena Kunadjoa II and some self seeking members of the Wassa Fiase Paramount Royal Stool family including Nana Kwesi Sackey have incurred the wrath of the accredited chiefs and elders of the Wassa Fiase Tradtional Council.

The cihiefs led by the Interim President of the Wassa Fiase Tradtional Council, Nana Kwesi Attobrah II accused Nana Abena Kunadjoa II, the Head of the Asomankoma Royal Paramount Stool family of Benso in the Wassa Fiase Traditional Area, Nana Kwesi Sackey and their fellowers for allegedly causing what the chiefs described as”uneccesary trouble and confusion which hitherto was currently creating insecurity and chieftaincy disputes in the area.

In a strong worded press statement signed and issued by the Wassa Fiase Tradtional Council and copied to Daily Analyst in Accra, Nana Kwesi Attobrah II on behalf of Wassa Fiase Traditional Council expressed concerns over a recent demonstration and statement by the Queen-mother and some self seeking members of the Royal family of Wassa Fiase including .

According to the statement, the Wassa Fiase Traditional Council is in a fix as to what the Queenmother is up to when this same Queen Mother and Nana Kwesi Sackey on January 27 2017 wrote a circular to all press Houses stating emphatically that the Osagyefo Kwamena Enimil VI remains the substantive Paramount Chief (Omanhene) of Wassa Fiase Traditional Area.

The statement which was copied to Tarkwa-Nsuaem District Police Command of Ghana Police Service indicated that the Paramount Queenmother and these disgruntled members of the area stated that the Supreme Court of Ghana gave a ruling recognizing Osagyefo Kwamena Enimil VI as the Omanhene of Wassa Fiase after the ruling from the Western Region House of Chiefs (WRHoC).

“Today, we are surprise to over heard that the same Queenmother of Wassa Fiase, Nana Abena Kunadjoa II is leading a demonstration claiming the former Omanhene of the Wassa Fiase Traditional Area, Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko is the substantive Omanhene due to a ruling in 2015 from the Western Region House of Chiefs that did not give any specific order,” the statement noted.

The Paramount Queenmother, the statement affirmed claims that Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko is the Omanhene or should reign as Omanhene, but the statement noted that Chieftaincy is about customs and practices.

“The same Queenmother again after the High Court of Justice in Kumasi on May 4, 2020 in a case involving Katakyie Ntsiful Essel V, Osagyefo Osagyefo Kwamena Enimil VI and Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko gave specific instruction to the National House of Chiefs (NHoC) to insert the name of the applicant, Katakyie Ntsiful Essel V, to clarify that he is current Omanhene in the National Register of Chiefs forthwith.

“Lawyer Israel Ackah who was the Counsel for Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko in the case referred supra is aware of this ruling given in May 2020, so why throw dust into the citizens’ eyes of Wassa Fiase and beyond that Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko is still the Omanhene of Wassa Fiase Tradtional Area ,” the statement asked.

In this same case, the statement asserted that both Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko and Osagyefo Kwamena Enimil Vl has filed a stay of execution and an appeal which is due to be heard in October 2020 when Court resumes.

“So why this demonstration to disturb the peace of Wassa Fiase Tradtional Area especially in this Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease period and the era of 2020 general election year,” the statement queried.

The Council in the statement advised all feuding factions in the area to remain calm as peace will soon prevail.

According to statement, “All the feuding factions of the Chieftaincy disputes should remember that we live in a country where there is rule of law and existing systems and structures for solutions.

The Council therefore entreated the Ghana Police Administration to ensure that peace prevail while the people and concern citizens of Wassa Fiase are also entreated to desist from any such demonstration.

“We urge the Wassa Fiase Royal family to be united and desist from such as all the divisional chiefs want to see a substantive President for the development of the Wassa Fiase Traditional Area,” the statement concluded.

Meanwhile in the related development,
the chiefs of Wassa Fiase Traditional Council have sent a caution to the public and members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) over a endorsement Paramount Queenmother of Wassa Fiase Tradtion Nana Abena Kunadjoa II gave on behalf of Council to the NDC Vice Presidential Candidate, Prof Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang, during the latter’s visit to the Western Region House of Chiefs on Friday18 September, 2020.

The Council was on Tuesday October 22, 2020 issued a statement to dissociate itself from the said comment or endorsement made by the Paramount Queenmother, stressing that it does not represent the views of the entire traditional council.

“This unfortunate pronouncement or statement by the Queenmother is not the Traditional Council’s view or statement as it was done by her for her personal gains. The Council wants to therefore dissociate itself from that statement or pronouncements.”

The statement signed and issued by the Interim President for the Wassa Fiase Traditional Council, Nana Kwesi Attobrah II, indicated that the Nananom are very mindful of the consequences for dabbling in partisan politics.

“We want to state that as Nananom, we wish all the parties the best of luck and may the Lord’s chosen candidate or party wins this.

Story: Freeman Koryekpor Awlesu

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