Chinese Nationals Loot State Lands: Flout Court injunction with impunity

Information gathered by this paper has indicated that some highly-connected Chinese nationals who are operating companies in the country are have virtually taken over Cantonments lands around the AU Village.
These Chinese nationals have staged attacks on owners of the lands amid the use of armed land guards and thugs believed to be of Chinese origin who in a Rambo style to harass and intimidate land owners.
The gang is also said to have demolish constructed fence wall and structure on plots of lands belonging to their rightful owners.
Information gathered is that, the owners of the said land situated around the AU Village took possession of the land after the acquisition and exercised overt acts of ownership over the said piece of land by constructing fence wall.
Interestingly, several land guards and thugs of Chinese origin invaded the plots of land with bulldozers and pulled down the fence wall erected by owners.
The illegal activities of these Chinese, this paper has learnt, was reported to the Ghana Police but due to the fact that the Chinese are well-connected, the police could not pursue the matter further.
However, the Police hierarchy which is privy to the development has now teamed up with these Chinese Nationals to defraud the people of their lands.
Well-placed sources and our own checks have revealed that police officials are being used as security guards for these Chinese.
This paper can say that, some officials of the Ghana Police Service have been deployed to give a 24hours protection to the Chinese nationals to carry out construction projects on the land.
According to residents around, the police’s intervention which they have all been expecting is far fetched since the leadership is rather deploying officers to the land to rather protect the Chinese nationals against indigenous Ghanaian land owners.
Although the owners of the land subsequently reconstructed the fenced wall and that of the caretaker post, one of the Chinese Yang Yang has threatened to further pull-down the wall and any structure on the land.
Meanwhile, the Chinese nationals have commenced construction activities on the land and intend to appropriate plots belonging to the owners since they (the Chinese) have the backing of some top political figures.
Checks however indicate that these Chinese nationals have failed, on countless occasions to establish any rights in the disputed land and do not have any land title certificate to defend their rights to the land.
Meanwhile, these Chinese Nationals who are managers of the Zonda Tec Ghana Ltd., a Light and Heavy-duty equipment and vehicle trading company and its subsidiaries continue to flout an Interlocutory Injunction granted against them over the said parcel of land.
There is a pending Interlocutory In junction in a Suit No. L.D/056/2022, against Zonda subsidiaries.
However, they continue to work right in the immediate site of the police in the heart of the City.
Despite the Interlocutory Injunction against the Chinese company from developing the land, the Chinese are developing the land in frantic haste and with the support and protection of the police in total disregard to the orders of the High Court with utmost contempt.

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