Exercise your constitutional authority to rule your territories- kotoku Hene urges chiefs

Oseadeeyo Dr Frimpong Manso IV King of Kotoku has advised chiefs not to relent on using their powers and rely solely on the police and the judiciary to rule their towns.

His advice comes after an out-dooring ceremony of the Queen of Asene Nana Agyeiwaa Agyekumwaa II, sanctioned by the Kotoku Traditional Council, and scheduled to come off on Saturday 6 January 2024, was suspended by the police over a flimsy excuse that the former Queen Nana Afia Kissiwaa I had presented a petition to Asene Manso Akroso District Council (DISEC) over the status of the new Queen.

On that fateful Saturday, over a hundred armed policemen were deployed with some guarding the Asene Chief’s Palace, the Durbar grounds, the house of the new Queen whilst others patrolled some principal streets of the Asene township.

During the first Akwasidae meeting, a formal complaint was lodged by Kotoku Krontihene Obrimpong Gyamfi Saforo Kyere to the King of Kotoku about the refusal of the Police to offer protection for the event because of a petition presented by the former Queen of Asene.

Obrimpong Gyamfi Saforo Kyere indicated the police overstepped their boundaries by their actions and thus the leaders of the traditional council are vehemently opposed to them.

The angered chief hinted that checks at the traditional council’s registry revealed that the former Queen was not a gazetted Queen of Akyem Asene and had also been destooled by Kotokuhene.

He further questioned: “I don’t know why the police did not allow the chiefs and people of Asene to officially out-door the new Queen of the area?. Their basis is flawed.

Addressing the issue, Kotoku hene urged chiefs to always exercise the powers given them by the constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

Oseadeeyo Dr. Frimpong Manso IV said the IGP is a nice gentleman who wants the police administration to do well in the country,but he cannot do it alone,that’s why he has put other officers at the helm of affairs so that they can also help maintain peace in the places they find themselves.

“Most of the times however, some officers use their own discretions to do their work in areas where they are stationed, which the big men in Accra don’t have any idea about” he intimated

He urged his chiefs : “ One doesn’t need a big place to out-door a Queen. If the police will not allow it to be done on the durbar grounds, it can be done in a private home, and in that place, no one can stop anyone from doing that”.

The DISEC is yet to meet the Chiefs of Asene to decide on the forward this week so the program could be held without let or hinderances.

Report by Samuel Quao.


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