Exposed: Police Shield Suspect In Forged Signature Crime  … Victim Petitions President & IGP

Kwamena Narkwa Ackom-Mensah

Information gathered indicates that some officials of the Greater Accra Regional Police Command are allegedly conniving with a suspect in a forgery case; allowing him to escape the law.

The suspect, Kwamena Narkwa Ackom-Mensah was reported to the Airport District Police Command for forging land title document in the name of the late Hannah Ackom-Mensah, his mother.

According to Nana Adwoa A. Ackom-Mensah, sister to the suspect who filed the said report, she suspected that the documents her brother was holding were forged and fraudulently signed and as such warranted police action immediately.

Meanwhile, a Police Report on the case released on May 27, 2019 indicated that the police upon receiving the complaint on March 4, 2019 from Nana Adwoa A. Ackom-Mensah obtained the documents including Photocopy of Vesting Asset document, Photocopy of a document captioned “LETTER OF CONSENT” dated March 12, 2010, Photocopy of Affidavit in Support of Motion to strike out Statement of Defence, Photocopy of Ghana Police Statement, Photocopy of a document captioned Re: Your Letter of 28th May, 2012 dated 30th July, 2012 and an original Republic of Ghana Passport No. 280558 for examination.

The documents have also been forwarded to the Ghana Police Forensic Laboratory for examination and report.

According to the police Report, upon the demise of Hannah Ackom-Mensah in 2014, the suspect Kwamena Narkwa Ackom-Mensah produced a Vesting Assent document which he claimed to have been issued to him by their late mother which vested all that piece and parcel of land at Roman Ridge (Plot No. 61 containing an approximate area of 0.54 Acre) situated at Accra.

The suspect, according to the Police Report, also claimed the Vesting Assent also covered Roman Ridge Ambassadorial Estate Extension.

But his sister, Nana Adwoa A. Ackom-Mensah who suspected the said documents were false and forged produced her late mother’s original Republic of Ghana Passport No. 280558 together with Photocopies of documents duly signed by her late mother to be examined by the police against the Vesting Assent documents provided by her brother.

On May 22, 2019 the Forensic Report from the Ghana Police Forensic Laboratory, Accra was received indicating that Hannah could not have authored any of the alleged signatures representing her on the photocopy Vesting Assent and the photocopy documents captioned LETTER OF CONSENT dated 12th March, 2010.

The Ackom-Mensah family
The Ackom-Mensah family

Nana Adwoa A. Ackom-Mensah had also petitioned the Regional Police Commander to conduct thorough investigation into the ongoing criminal activates of her brother, Kwamena Narkwa Acom-Mensah, Kyeretwie Opoku, Charles Ossom and Staff of Haisel Estate Developers Limited at Apartamento Hotel at Airport residential area.

She indicated that since the death of their parents who both died intestate, the land and all other properties belong to six of them including her brother, Kwamena Narkwa Ackom-Mensah who later claimed the hotel which was originally Crown Apartamento Hotel was reverted back to them as the rightful owners but refused to tell the other siblings how they got the hotel back.

She also averred that the suspect then claimed their mother gave him the property and has “former a company Haisel Estate Developers Limited with Messers Kyeretwie Opoku and Charles Ossom who are in my view unknown to the family and performing illegally on our parcel of land.”

According to her, instead of dealing with the matter reported to the Airport police station, the Airport Police rather served her with a Criminal Charge of Disturbing the Peace and asking her to appear before the Madina Magistrate Court on November 8, 2018.

She stressed in her Petition that the “Airport police in my view have been very unhelpful and I strongly believe have been compromised and therefore your office would do well to call the docket of this case to deal with it and give it the professional investigation it deserves to rid the land of the squatters/criminals thereon.”

In a similar vein, Nana Adwoa A. Ackom-Mensah again wrote a Petition on April 25, 2019 to the Regional Commander of some activities on her property, Apartamento Hotel.

She also recalled an incident at the hotel on February 12,2019,when she  realised that water was gushing out from underneath her kitchen sink which flooded her room to the level of a six year old Child’s swimming pool.

She narrated that after several attempts to restore her room back to normalcy, she asked her staff to scoop the water out and her room was restored back to habitual use but all her belongs such as family documents in her possession, her legal documents and all essential academic archival records were destroyed by the flood which she believed was a deliberate attempt to damage her records to fight her case genuinely in court to restore the family heritage in the interest of the four siblings against their  brother ( the Suspect ) of the dignified  Ackom- Mensah  family.

She added that on February 13, 2019 she went to the Airport Police Station to Lodge a complaint of a criminal Damage.

According to her, since the she lodged that complaint, nothing has been done to conclude investigation.

According to her, she has not received any fruitful response from the police investigating the case.

She also claimed that the thugs, who are her brother’s staff and cohorts, are still living at the Apartamento hotel are my brother’s staff & cohorts.

Speaking to this paper, she noted that “He had my dog killed last Saturday and said I should also be killed. His lodge fraternity is helping him because he has managed to get appending who is also a lodge brother on his side to circumvent the law after allowing him to jump bail.”

Meanwhile, snippet of information gathered in relation to all these cases, indicate that the suspect Kwamena Narkwa Ackom-Mensah has travelled out of the country with the police doing very little to effect his arrest.

This paper has gathered that, the Greater Accra Regional Police Crime Officer, lawyer Apenteng has been in constant communication with the suspect but fails to invite him (suspect) to Ghana to answer the charges levelled against him over forged signature of his late mother to rob his other siblings over their family property, known as Apartamento hotel.

She claims that the Airport Police Commander is being compromised after arresting Kwamena Narkwa Ackom-Mensah and has done nothing about her assaults case.

“Kwamena Narkwa Ackom-Mensah is rather in cahoots with East Legon Divisional, CID Hdq. special investigation unit & Accra regional crime officer and they have been tossing all my petitions back and forth between them. They’ve picked me up with AK-47s without warrant or charge with orders from Airport and Regional Commands,” she said.

Nana Adwoa A. Ackom-Mensah has appealed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and the President of the Republic to set up an intelligence team into the issue and track down all phone call conversation between the alleged suspect, his brother, the Regional police crime officer and all senior police officers at the Accra Regional police command.

She also believes that the police is in constant touch with the suspect hence the regular intimidation at the regional police command.

She called for a probe into this particular case of forgery of her mother’s signature in an attempt to steal their family property.


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