Galaxy International School marks its 14th Annual Intercultural Festival in grand style

Galaxy International School has organized its 14th Annual Intercultural Festival in grand style over the weekend in Accra.

The event, which is the 14th edition, was organized under the theme: “We May Have Different Religions, Different Languages, Different Skin But We All Belong To One Human Race,” had nearly two thousand people of Thirty-Four (30) different nationalities from across the world participating.

The theme was selected in honour of Mr Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary-General and also to highlight the core belief of the school which is interwoven in the life of the former UN Chief.

Students of Galaxy School thrilled the packed audience with series of musical display that depicted the need to embrace diversities for a peaceful world.

Various paraphernalia and artefacts were displayed to showcase the culture of the thirty countries present in the school. Various traditional delicacies from these countries were also served.

In an address to open the event, the Principal of Secondary Section, Mr. Cafer Tepeli, indicated that intercultural festival offers the perfect opportunity to experience the very best of different rich and unique cultures around the world.

“Great music, delicious food and beautiful art will allow you to soak in rich history. More than anything else, however, intercultural festival is a celebration of life, the joy of living, is something every person can embrace.

Intercultural festival is a manifestation of the unique spirit of togetherness; it is in regard each year we deem it important to this platform for the students to showcase their rich cultural values,” he explained.

This he said, for the purpose of exuding their unique identity by wearing their national clothing, display images of popular tourist sites, displaying samples of food from their countries and also by showcasing their traditions through music, dance, poetry and others.

According to him, apart from academics, a key priority area is the moulding of students to meet the dynamics of the ever changing world.

In speech read on behalf of the Director of Amnesty International Ghana Mr. Robert Akoto Amoafo, he noted that in 1993 with the adoption of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action at World Conference on Human Rights, a start was made with integrating culture into the universality of human rights.

This he said, Human rights, as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, possess certain characteristics, which better explains the need to respect and recognize our diversity as humans.

“The characteristics of human rights include the following:

• Inherent – Human Rights are inherent because they are not granted by any person or authority. Human rights do not have to be bought, earned or inherited; they belong to people simply because they are human.

• Inalienability, meaning rights cannot be taken away.

• Indivisibility, meaning all rights are of equal importance and they cannot, and should not be prioritized, they must all be enjoyed together.

• Interrelated and interdependent, meaning one cannot be fully enjoyed without the others, or in other words, the denial of ones right results in the denial of many rights.

Universality, meaning everyone has the rights regardless of race, gender, socio – economic status, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, nationality and others,” he explained.

According to him, the characteristics as stated above makes room for one to enjoy their diversity without fear of loosing his/her dignity as a human.

“Diversity, by its very definition, means to show a great deal of variety. To achieve the peaceful coexistence of diversity, we must challenge the perception that the term ‘variety’ equates with somehow being lesser. By changing this perception, we will create a safe space for differences, where everyone can feel welcomed,” he stated.

The Member of Parliament for Ahanta West, Emmanuel Kojo Kum, who was the Chairman of the occasion, commended the school for such an innovative event.

He was overwhelmed by the beauty of culture displayed at the event. This he said, Ghana is proud to have such an excellent school.

Additional feature in this year’s event is a fine art competition, students to explore and share artistic talents of students in the art of drawing and painting to promote peace and encourage peaceful coexistence among different cultural groups.Certificates were presented to the students who outclassed in this competition.

About Galaxy International School

Ghana’s prestigious international school, Galaxy International School operates both the British and Ghanaian curriculum.

They are considered as one of prestigious schools in Ghana with a state of the art facilities for teaching and learning.

It is a competitive environment for academic excellent with about 100% university placement for its students.
The school is also committed in exposing its students to great opportunities. To this end, they have competed in several international Olympiads, receiving several laurels.

The inter-cultural festival is an annual event on the school’s calendar, with the sole purpose of reminding the world of the need to accept cultural differences and learn to live peacefully with each other.


By: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo


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