Ghana Amputee team demolish Algeria team

During the second group stage match of the African Amputee Football Cup of Nations (AAFCON) held in Cairo, Ghana showcased dominance over Algeria, securing a commanding 5-0 victory.

Yusif ignited the scoring spree in the 7th minute, followed swiftly by Hamza in the 10th minute.

Opencil extended the lead with another goal in the 18th minute before a timeout was called in the 24th minute.

Mubarak capitalized on the momentum just before halftime at the 25th minute.

In the second half, Mubarak displayed his prowess once more in the 42nd minute, while Timothy sealed the win with a goal in the 49th minute.

Mubarak’s exceptional performance rightfully earned him the Man of the Match title for the second time.

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