Ghana Eagles chops the Vulture’s of Botwana in Africa Cup Elimination match

*Rugby: Ghana Eagles chop the Vultures in Africa Cup Elimination match*

Ghana Rugby Men’s 15s “Eagles this afternoon defeat the Botswana Vultures in Rugby Africa Elimination Match “Birds of Prey” 36-25 which the Eagles won with 9 points at Nduom sports Stadium.

The Eagles start the game very well and at a point, the Vultures came in strongly to take total control of the 1st half. The first half ended Ghana Eagles 12-17 Botswana Vultures. Which the Vultures were leading the Eagles with 5 points.

The Eagles after the break came strongly to win the game with by 36-17.

The Eagles will be away to Zimbabwe on 20th June 2020. And play Tunisia at Nduom sports Stadium here in Elmina Ghana on 4th July, 2020.