Habibu Adam Formally Writes To Auditor-General To Clear His Name

Information from our Deep Throat source at the Office of Senior Presidential Advisor has confirmed that Mr. Adam has written formally to the Auditor-General providing evidence from correspondence between the Ghana Revenue Service (GRA) and the Ministry of Finance to the Auditor-General as alluded to by the Deputy Minister for Finance, Hon. John Ampontuah Kumah on his facebook wall.

According to our source, Mr. Adam claims he has never taken One Cedi (GH¢1.0) from the Ministry of Finance by way of employment benefit as in salary or any other allowances. And that, if there was such an incident, the GRA will clarify as they had done according to the Deputy Minister for Finance.

When contacted for confirmation and comments, Mr. Adam, who was driving out of town for an official assignment retorted that ‘Do you think this issue is a media game? ‘Everything that is necessary to clear my name from this unfortunate incident is being done legally. I will speak to you after the final resolution of the matter’. He then cut off.

Other information we picked up was that Mr. Adam is still on secondment from the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to the Office of the Senior Presidential Advisor where he plays several key roles, and he is seen as one of the pillars of the Office of the Senior Presidential Advisor.

When his social media pages were checked for synopsis of information, only two of his social media accounts were active. Facebook and LinkedIn were active but not updated with his current job description or employers.

His last post on his facebook wall was on 5th September 2022 regarding the donation of IT equipment to three institutions-Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), Public Services Commission and the Ministry of Local Government, Decentralization and Rural Development by the Senior Presidential Advisor, whom he accompanied to make those donations as part of the digitization of public institutions to improve their efficiency under the Public Sector Reforms Strategy. His last post on LinkedIn wall which is about two months ago was an article titled ‘Ghana’s Return to the IMF. What has changed?”

Stay tuned for more information on further development.



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