Hon. Clemen Attafuah, the Presiding member for Birim Central Municipality had a meeting with management of Birim central municipal assembly.

The Presiding member of Birim central municipal assembly Hon Clement Attafuah had a crunch meeting with the Birim central municipal assembly core management to discuss issues relating to the Assembly.

The motive behind the meeting is to discuss strategies and suggestions that will foster unity and development, respect and love between management, staff and the Assembly members.

The management led by the Coordinating Director welcomed the presiding member whole heartedly and promised to work hand in hand with Assembly members and to make sure the welfare of the Assembly members are met.

The Coordinating Director of the Birim central municipal assembly Mr. Haruna Zure stated that in his entire life working as civil servant in the local government sectors, has never seen this type of engagement and promised to meet the presiding member on quarterly basis to discuss the state of the assembly.

*I will therefore collaborate with my able Hon Assembly members and to protect their integrity as well* he said.

As a presiding member, my doors will be opened to welcome advice,constructive criticism and suggestions that will bring development and foster unity to build our dear town.

I take solace from the good book that reads *Phil 1:6 Be ye confident in God that he who has begun a good work shall surely accomplish it in Jesus mighty name. Amen*

Clement creativity and innovation is my hall mark.

Hon Clement Attafuah
Presiding member