Injustice in Palestine threat to world peace – Shehu Dalhu

First of all you don’t need to be a Muslim to support Palestinians,you only need to be a human with feelings and emotions.
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Injustice in Palestine is threat to peace across the world.
Dear colleagues in humanity,Ladies and gentlemen of the media..
If living in this world for more than a half century has taught me anything,tl It is that I should love humanity more than religion.
I am here to support Palestinians as human and not as a man with black complexion and not as a Shia Muslim but as a hater of injustice, oppression, cruelty and tyranny.
Humanity will perish when we decide to be silent about things that matter especially the pain of our fellow human beings.
Remember what Imam Hussain (a.s) said and I quote” Those who are silent when others are oppressed are equally guilty of oppression” unquote
The world cannot more continue to rely on the big scam called The United Nation. In my opinion, it is now Disunited Nations.
The current crisis in Gaza has expose the Western hypocrisy
When Russia invade Ukraine, it is called Terrorism,when Israel invades Palestine, it is called the right to defend itself.
The Israeli-Gaza war has exposed America and their Western allies. Their endless hypocrisy is now vivid to all descending minds across the world.
The same people that support Ukraine in its fight to drive away Russian as aggressors and occupiers, fail to see the justification for the long abused, oppressed Palestinians to also stand up and free their land from wicked Israeli occupiers.
Why are the Palestinians treated as sub-humans?
Israel, this year before the offensive attack by Hamas, had killed over 200 Palestinians.
Israel keeps defying the UN with impunity as it continues to build more homes in areas that belong to Palestine. The whole world knows, before the latest eruption that Gaza is an open air prison for its two million population.
Instead of Western nations to join the reasonable call for peace and freedom in the never ending conflict, they have chosen to support Israel. The greatest surprise is Ukraine, which is fighting Russia. Is also supports Israel.
The West labels Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorists, the way they labelled ANC of South Africa, MPLA and other African liberating groups.
But what is the definition of Israel who over some time now has killed million innocent Palestinians. Now they have hatched a genocide agenda.
What is their name, I guess they are super terrorist.
How can Israel be seen better than Hamas and other resistance groups.
Dear Western nations, Hamas and Hezbollah are defending the people.They are resistant groups,fighting for freedom.
They are not terror groups. Listen to them and do justice, instead of backing their oppressors. It’s time for the implementation of the 2-state solution to the perennial conflict.

flare-up of violence is the latest act of aggression by Israel against the Occupied Palestinian Territory, which has been under Israeli occupation for more than 50 years.
Over the past 15 years, a series of military aggressions have caused havoc on the lives and well-being of the 2.2 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip – a population that is being denied the right to peace, freedom, and self-determination in the face of blockade and occupation, human rights violations, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.
Between Hamas and Israel who is more a terrorist?
The Zionist and their partners in crime claim they have best Intelligence and sophisticated weapons, can’t they fish out Hamas and kill them rather than killing innocent children and the vulnerable?
When America provoked Iran by Bombing General Solaimaani, the Iranians revenged by Bombing American facility in Iraq, Not even a single innocent soul was hurt, only the Americas and their military base was targeted.

Brothers and sisters in humanity,
we are here to shame and condemn the latest act of aggression including the gruesome bombing of the hospital in Gaza that has killed over 200 people outright.We  stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people. We are against the super terrorist Zionist and their partners in war crime
Like all people, Palestinians have the right to live in peace, free from fear and oppression.
May Allah (SWT) hasten victory for the oppressed. We believe that a just solution that ensures the full enjoyment of human rights and dignity for the Palestinian people is the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace in the region and to ensure the well-being of the Palestinian people especially the weak.
Ladies and gentlemen, Let me reaffirm my stand that there can’t be peace without justice and equity.
“Injustice on any land is a threat to justice on every land”
The world must wake up, Now that it is Palestinians,it could be you tomorrow.
May Allah hasten the freedom of Palestine.
Long live humanity
Long live freedom,Justice and peace.
Long live Palestine.

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