Lets Use Nature’s Resource To Our Benefit

The founder and leader of the Living Faith Chapel at Gomoa Benao in the Central Region, Rev. Anim Addae has expressed dismay why the country’s scientist have failed to develop mechanisms that will help put natural resources such as excessive sunshine and rainfall endowed the country to good use to the benefit of the people.

He said countries that do not have even a quarter of the abundance of these resources of nature have developed innovative mechanisms such as wind turbines and solar powers through technology to put the little that they have to their benefit and have succeeded in transferring these technologies to enrich the economy of their respective countries, whiles Ghana, after sixty three years of independence still relies on hydro power for electricity.

He further questioned why, with the abundance of rainfall almost all year round, Ghanaian Engineers and Architects have not come out with any comprehensive plans for buildings that will help harvest the rain for irrigation and household chores.

He however attributed this to the kind of educational system that was introduced to the country by the colonial masters where everybody want to do white-colour job.

He later hinted that in this modern day world, technology has become the driving force of every developed economy, and as such, Ghana as a country should begin to to invest in that aspect.

Meanwhile, the Agona Swedru branch minister of the Agape Evangelical Church, Rev. Isaac Kwaku Gyamfi has blamed the country’s lack of development to the greed of successive governments after the country’s first president, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

According to him, Kwane Nkrumah established almost three hundred factories and industries, but all these were sold to family members and cronies by successive governments after him.

He mentioned the Pualugu meat factory, the tomato factory at Navrongo, the Nsawam Canary factory, Kade matches factory, the Aboso glass factory and the Kumasi shoe factory among others, which he said were left to rot by successive governments.

He pointed out that Ghana would not have experienced the problem of unemployed Graduates if these defunct industries are revamped.

From: Robert Ayanful

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