Make your works attractive to save GA- Dangbe – Nene Bantama to Asafoatsemei

A 43 Entrepreneur and Philanthropist known in his private life as John Lartey Botchwey has been installed as the new Asafoatse of the Agbazo Wem Royal clan of Prampram in the Ningo-Prampram Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

Performing the rite he took the stool name Asafoatse Lartey Bantama IV.

Addressing the press after the rites, the new Asafoatse who is the Chief Executive Officer of JBL Plus Group admonished fellow Asafoatsemei to join hands to eliminate the landguard menace in the Gadangme State and to ensure effective security for the people.

The role of Asafoatse is to protect the people against attacks and insurgence.

According to him, they are also one of the principal kingmakers of the various clans in the Gadangme State.

The Asafoatsemei are also entrusted with the defense of the boarders of the various communities.

Over the years, key parts of the responsibilities of these Asafoatsemei have been usurped by a phenomenon which has been tagged ‘Landguards’.

These landguards have been accused on a number of occasion of perpetrating illegalities and hooliganisms in the country.

As part of rites to install him, Asafoatse Bantama was carried shoulder high after performing rites of purification and edification at the sea shore.

The streets were set agog when the pilgrims reached the main Prampram Township.

He was then carried shoulder high through the principal streets of Prampram and presented to all the clan heads of the various gates before finally settling at Agbazo Wem, his clan House.

The procession was also received by the gods which possessed a number priests and priestesses who lead the people to the various clan Houses.

It is to check the landguards canker that the newly installed Asafoiatse of Agbazo Wem at Prampram in the Ningo-Prampram District of the Greater Accra Region has urged his colleague Asafoatseme to exhibit professionalism and show competence and honesty in the discharge of their duties to win the trust and confidence of the people.

“There is nothing like langurads, to me, I don’t recognize their existence.

He mentioned that just perpetrating illegalities and usurping the responsibilities of the Asafoatseme.

If the Asafoatsemei will only be truthful and trustworthy, we will live up to expectation”, touted Nene Lartey Bantama.

He further called on the youth to embrace the customs and traditions of the Black African for development.

“The African has a lot to show. Gbugbla must rise again and its our customs and traditions that will sell us to the rest of the world to woo investors. The youth would then be rallied and educated, those to be assisted with trade and profession will have it so we all have good standing to put Prampram out there”, he explained.

The Family Head of Agbazo Wem told Newsmen that Asafoaste Bantama’s installation couldn’t have come at the right time as the stool has been vacant since 2017 when the occupant, Asafoatse Odiko Bantama died.

He said the demise of the then Asafoatse retarded the progress of the clan but hope has returned with the installation of the energetic Asafoatse Bantama.

“We are lucky as a people to have Asafoatse Larety at this time. He didn’t want it initially but realizing that it is a divine call, he accepted the call. We now have hope and can now expect a better future for Agbazo Wem”, he lamented.

Story By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina

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