“Moneyocracy” Dangerous For Our Development – PM

A former Assembly Member for the Yarewa Zongo Electoral Area in Agona Swedru and Presiding Member of the Agony West Municipal Assembly in the Central Region, Haruna Nuhu Saani has described as dangerous for Ghana’s democracy, the situation where appointees by the government, especially Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCE’s) pay huge sums of money to Assembly Members to vote them into the position.

Describing it as “moneycracy” instead of democracy, the former Presiding Member Haruna Nuhu Saani said the development will have dire effects on development at the local level if not checked, as only party faithful who are able to pave their way true financially would be elected, instead of competent people who can perform.

He stressed that the development turns to create an impression that there is so much to gain when one goes into politics, and as such those voting for any person vying for a political position will also see that as an opportunity to make money, and will therefore demand money from such a person before voting for him or her.

According to the former Presiding Member, the development is a general problem that transcends from the presidential to parliamentary elections.

He has however suggested that MMDCE’s should rather be elected by the constituents and not appointed by the president and elected by the Assembly Members. He pointed out that by so doing, it will help curtail the situation of bribery by the appointees to the Assembly Members and also bring development at the local level.

By: Robert Ayanful

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