The leader of Asomdwee Ntonton Som (the religion of Peace and Adoration), Onyame Somafo Yaw has predicted that the world is going to go through more devastating predicaments that will wipe a portion of the human race because they have refused to follow God and His true religion.

Speaking at the opening of this year’s Conference at the Third Temple at Apam in the Central Region, Nyame Somafo Yaw revealed that predicaments such as strong winds, wild fires, flooding which are all natural disasters that can not be controlled, including strange incurable diseases are about to be experienced by the world because of the neglect of the true word of God.

It would be recalled that in Dec. 2019, Onyame Somafo Yaw gave a similar prophecy at a same conference of a strange infectious disease about to be sent on the human race by God because of the neglect of His true religion, leading to the upsurge of the Corona Virus pandemic.

But he however assured the over twenty thousand members of the religion that none of them would be infected by the disease, when it does come.

The week-long conference is being attended by members from all over the world.

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