“NDC’s John Mahama is a defective product.” – Ahafo Regional Minister

The member of parliament for Asunafo north constituency, who doubles as the Ahafo regional minister, Evans Opoku Bobie embarked on a three days working visit to some communities within his Constituency.

In one on-one  engagement with Communities like Tipo Krom, Awewoho Manhyia, Antwi Adjei Krom, Pomaa Krom, KwamKuma, Peprah Krom, Kwadwo Addae Krom etc. All in the Ahafo Region. The various local Authorities within the above Areas Welcomed the minister and his unmitigated entourage in an ecstatic mood. The chiefs commended the Ahafo Regional Minister for his hard work in the region.

Hon. Evans Opoku Bobie (MP) stated emphatically that, the former president of the Republic of Ghana,former president John Dramani Mahama is metaphorically a defective product in Marketing. Defective products are Consumable, commercially produced and distributed good that is unfit for purpose, harmful for normal use, does not carry adequate instructions for its use and inherently dangerous due to defective design of the commodity in question.

Mr. Bobie hammered on a holistic pricket that Ghanaians really suffered under John Mahama’s administration. He brought an untold hardship by leaving Ghanaian youth unemployed and wallowed in a tattered penury while Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the president of the Republic of Ghana has created more employment avenues for the youth of Ghana. He talked about the Cocoa hand Pollination, which has employed hundreds of people in most of our farming vicinities across the board.

A defective product, John Mahama does not really care about the Ghanaian people, that is why he spoke against the Free Senior High School policy, cancelled the Teacher and Nursing Training Allowances, freeze the public sector abandoned the National Health Insurance by not paying service providers during his regime.

The minister added. He stressed that NDC and JDM does not have proper Vision for Mother Ghana due to their defective nature. No wonder Okada and building mortuaries has become their major message for the December Elections. Their only aim of coming into power again is to create, loot and share what is in our kitty to themselves. He made it clear that, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,the president can be referred to the Ghanaian people as specialty product in marketing perspective.

According to Dr. Alfred Owusu, who is the Dean of Business and management school at the Kumasi Technical University simplified specialty product as products which consumers are concerned with it’s brand image and the quality of their purchases.”

Nana Akufo-Addo has proven beyond all reasonable doubt to the good people of Ghana with his quality policies and programmes like the implementation of Nation Builders Corp, Free SHS, Free Cocoa Pollination, mobile money interoperability, clean-up of the banking sector, planting for food and jobs, Rearing for food and export, just to mention a few.

Undoubtedly, consumers will actively seek to purchase because of idiosyncratic characteristics or loyalty to a specific brand. Consumers who seek specialty products know what they want and will spend the time and effort to get it. Example, consumers will not easily accept substitute products.

For instance, someone can seek out a particular brand of dark gourmet chocolate to the exclusion of all other types of candy. That is why it is very imperative for the Ghanaian voters to give Nana Addo another term of office because he is a specialty product unlike John Mahama who is a defective product.

Source: Francis Agyapong Nimpong

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