Okaikwei North NDC Member Detained For Birth Certificate Falsification In Voter Registration Case

Checks reveal that a member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been detained by the police in Okaikwei North for allegedly falsifying documents to register three voters ahead of the December elections.

According to police sources, two additional suspects implicated in the case are currently at large, and law enforcement is actively searching for them.

Documents obtained by Asaase News disclose that the arrested individual, whose identity remains undisclosed, along with the two fugitives, fabricated birth certificates for three individuals to include their names in the voter register of the Okaikwei North constituency. The individuals in question are Emmanuel Gakpe, Umar Salifu, and Davidson Yaw Boadzo.

A letter from the Birth and Death Registry has confirmed the forgery, indicating that none of the three names appear in their records. The letter, dated June 11, specifically stated, “All three names – Emmanuel Gakpe, Umar Salifu, and Davidson Yaw Boadzo – could not be traced in our records.

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