‘Patriotic Agenda Pushers’ Outdoored To Canvass For Votes For NPP

A new volunteer group of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the “Patriotic Agenda Pushers” has been outdoored with focus on supporting the “Agenda 4 More for Nana 2 Do More” and winning the elections in December.

The Group was launched on the theme; “Agenda 4 More for Nana 2 Do More; The Role of Patriotic Agenda Pushers”.

Speaking at the launch, the Founder of Patriotic Agenda Pushers, Mr. John Obiri Yeboah revealed that the volunteer group is legally registered and duly recognized by various authorities in the NPP and that the group is ready to canvass for votes for the party towards victory in the coming elections.

“Patriotic Agenda Pushers’ aim is to support the good work of the president of Ghana and to ensure Nana Addo succeeds in all the good work he is doing for the country such a continuation of Free SHS, One District One Factory, NABCO, etc. hence the agenda of the group; “4More4Nana”, Mr. Obiri Yeboah said.

The Group, he said has 5000 members in Ghana and still growing in all the 16 regions of Ghana, adding that the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has done a marvelous work by ending Dumsor, providing Free SHS to Ghanaian children of school-going age, providing employment opportunities including the recent 6 months free water and electricity, and many more.

“The future of the party lies in our hands. It behooves on all of us the youth to work together and sustain the party or it will go a long way to affect our future. We need to propagate the good works, policies of the party and government,” he said.

“Our President deserves all the help he can get to do more for Ghana”, Mr. Obiri Yeboah added.”

He pleaded with the members to actively get involved in the 2020 election campaign by getting on the ground to ensure the good work is preached to all Ghanaians and being active on social media to campaign massively for Nana Addo.

President of Patriotic Agenda Pushers, Mr. Bantama Appraku indicated that the Group will not leave any stone unturned in ensuring that floating voters and people who are still undecided are given reason to vote and vote for the NPP.

On his part, Head of the Computerized School Placement System, Mr. Mark Sasu Mensah revealed 1.2 million students have been placed in schools through the Free SHS policy and that these students are the children who were born through Former resident Kuffuor’s Free Maternal Health Care.

He called on the group to spread the good works of NPP to all corners of the country.

On his part, Mr. Elisha Debrah Odoom, MD of Ghana Dock Labor Company based Patriotic Agenda Pusher to ensure the NPP government wins the 2020 election and the subsequent ones.

“In the Era of Covid-19 who will you like to entrust your lives to? A leader that has been proven more wrong or the person who has shown extraordinary performance. NPP deserves to win this election and all the subsequent ones”, Mr. Elisha Debrah Odoom said.

He said, the 2020 elections cannot be won on a silver platter and that it would take hard work and dedication.


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