Prampam Homowo: Stool Father Urges Security Council To Place Ban On Sprinkling Of Kpokpoi To Avert Possible Bloodbath

Stool father of the Prampram Paramout area in the Greater Accra region, Numo Osabu Abbey IV, has petitioned the offices of the Interior Minister, the IGP and that of the Regional Security Council to as a matter of urgency place a ban on the public sprinkling of Kpokpoi by all factions in the area’s protracted Chieftaincy disputes during this year’s Homowo Festival which comes off on the August 24, 2021.

In a statement signed by the Prampram Paramount Stool Father together with heads of all three Royal Gates namely, the Abbey-Doku Mansro We, Tetteh Dzan-Larbi Agbo We and Kwei Opletu We, they cited past events which were characterized by bloody clashes due to the refusal of one Nene Tetteh Wakah, a claimant to the Prampram stool, to adhere to a security directive banning the open sprinkling of kpokpoi.

According to the Statement, the 2019 Homowo celebration in Prampram, which nearly claimed the life of some indegens following a bloody clash instigated by some suspected mercenaries imported into the community by the said imposter, Nene Tetteh Wakah, in his bid to flout a police directive not to openly sprinkle kpokpoi, should serve as reference on which the Regional Security Council would impose such a ban during the celebration of year’s Homowo festival.

It would be recalled that, the 2019 Homowo celebration in Prampram was riddled with clashes between suspected armed individuals who were working as GAURDS to the said Nene Tetteh Wakah a claimant to the Prampram stool and that of some indigenes who were protesting his open sprinkling of Kpokpoi in the community despite a police directive banning such. But not for the timely response by personnel from the Tema Regional Police Command and that of the First Infantry Regiment, the situation could have turned into a bloodbath.

In view of these scenarios and also a public statement attributed to the said Nene Tetteh Wakah warning mayhem, should anyone prevent him from sprinkling kpokpoi this year, the Prampram stool father, Numo Osabu Abbey IV believes it would be prudent on the part of the Interior Minister, IGP and the Regional/District Security Councils to ban the open sprinkling of Kpokpoi during this year’s festival in order to ensure peace there.

He also stressed on the need for Security Council to act as a supervisory body in this year’s Homowo celebration in the area, since Prampram has no Chief and also a President to head the Traditional Council.

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