Prampram’s Path to Peace and Prosperity: Land Committee Inaugurated

In a groundbreaking move to bring an end to the harrowing bloodshed and prolonged legal disputes that have marred Prampram’s lands, the Prampram Traditional Council has taken decisive action by forming a 47-member Land Management Committee.

This momentous endeavor, championed by Paramount Chief Nene Wakah, aspires to cleanse Prampram of litigation, sparing the resources consumed by costly court battles.

For years, Prampram has been plagued by fatal land disputes, with tragic incidents like the shooting of Manklalo Nene Atsure Benta in 2018 and the recent cold-blooded killings of family heads in December 2022 serving as chilling reminders of the severity of the issue.

In response to this pressing crisis, Nene Wakah, in strict adherence to the Land Act, Act 1036, has orchestrated the establishment of a local Land Secretariat, which is poised to address and ultimately extinguish these perilous land disputes.

In an impassioned address during the inauguration, Nene Wakah emphasized the new era that Prampram is embracing, characterized by peace and unity. He called upon all families to play a pivotal role in this transformation, with the shared goal of making Prampram a shining beacon of peace in the region.

“We are one people, and we cannot continue to litigate or fight among ourselves. I stand for peace and will ensure my people follow my lead. Without peace, Prampram cannot progress. Therefore, I implore all of us to embrace peace, unity, and solidarity so that we can collectively build the Prampram we all long for, where we will have improved schools, healthcare facilities, and infrastructure,” Nene Wakah declared.

The Land Secretariat, comprised of 47 members hailing from various alodial families within Prampram, was officially inaugurated during this significant event.

Prince Allotey, the coordinator, expressed great optimism about this initiative. He highlighted that, with the formation of the secretariat, all lands within the Prampram Traditional Area will be managed with a primary focus on avoiding conflicts.

“The committee consists of members from various family heads who own land within the Prampram Traditional Area, making it easier to mediate land disputes between parties because they are one community,” explained Mr. Allotey.

However, he cautioned estate developers operating in the Prampram Traditional Area to take the necessary steps to work closely with the secretariat for the regularization of their documents and refrain from collecting ground rents from their clients, as this practice is against the law.

The administrator of the newly-formed Land Secretariat, Evans Tetteh Nartey, expressed his elation that this institution has been established to put an end to the prevalent land disputes in the area. He emphasized that a significant amount of money has been spent on litigation, funds that could instead be directed toward the development of the region. He firmly believed that Prampram would rightfully assume its position of pride in the years to come.

Jonathan Djangba, a dedicated youth activist who attended the inauguration, expressed his optimism for a brighter future. He mourned those who had lost their lives due to land disputes in the past and stressed that, with the Land Secretariat in place, all land matters in the area would be resolved amicably, without resorting to violence.

“We are all elated by this initiative led by our paramount chief, as it will go a long way to save us a great deal and foster greater unity among us as a community,” Djangba declared, with hope for a peaceful and prosperous future for Prampram.

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