Razak Kojo Opoku Asks: Can Joy News/Joy FM Help With The Whereabouts of STX, Hope City & SADA Projects

Demanding accountability, good governance and equity in political participation is something that really needs to be encouraged in our body politics.

Over the weekend Multimedia, through JoyNews and Joy FM, has been asking a very important question: where is the $2 billion Synohydro deal? . With this particular question, the station wants Ghanaians to believe that its workers are practicing credible, fearless and independent journalism as they always tout. But do Ghanaians believe the station?

Well, the New Patriotic Party’s government under the able leadership of President Akufo-Addo has been able to provide detailed evidence of excellent job done across the country with regard to the Synohydro deal to the amusement of the propagandists and subsequently shutting down the conspiracy theory by combined forces of Multimedia and NDC.

However, we would like to also urge JoyNews and Joy FM to equally ask their friends in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) the whereabouts of the following deals under the governments of Prof. Mills and Mahama John:

1. $10 billion STX Housing Project launched by Prof. Atta Mills.
This project would have seen the construction of over 200, 000 houses in Ghana at an estimated cost of $10 billion. Sadly, up-to-date Ghanaians do not know the whereabouts of the over 200,000 houses under the STX deal.

2. $10 billion Hope City Project launched by John Mahama.
The $10 billion Hope City Project according to former President John Mahama was going to be Africa’s tallest building at a height of 270m (885ft), and that the project would employ about 50,000 people and house 25,000 people.
The Hope City Project was expected to have a 75-story, a hospital, social and sporting amenities after the completion of the project.
Several years after the launch of the Hope City Project, Ghanaians are asking the whereabout of the:
a). 75- story building
b) 50, 000 people working at Hope City.
c). 25, 000 people are being housed by the Hope City Project.
d). Hospital and Social Amenities under the Hope City Project.

Perhaps JoyNews and Joy FM can help us with the location of Mahama’s Hope City Project.

3. GHc 32 million SADA Tree Planting Project.
Where are the trees? Ghanaians want to know so please Joy News and Joy FM should help us with the location of the SADA Trees across the Country.

4. GHc 15 million SADA Guinea Fowl Project.
Where are the Guinea fowls? Ghanaians are demanding answers. JoyNews and Joy FM and their NDC friends should be able to provide us with answers.

Multimedia through its subsidiaries Joy News and Joy FM should exhibit the highest quality and standard and try as much as possible to be fair to Ghanaians, NPP and NDC. Equity in accountability is key for national socioeconomic development.

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