Tension In Aflao As New Customs Commander Takes Office

There is great disaffection and fear among people of Aflao as a new Sector Commander, Mr Majeed Amandi takes over post.

According to some aggrieved business men and women, the appointment of Mr Majeed Amandi to take over from the former Customs Commander, Sheila Vigbedor who is now on retirement, represents serious miscalculation on the part of the appointing authority.

They have raised serious issues about Majeed Amandi’s behavior towards businesses; believing that he had started “misbehaving towards the good people of Aflao.”

According to the business community in Aflao, at this difficult time in which the nation is facing serious challenges; Majeed Amandi had begun deploying his men to the villages with the order to beat up people; with several persons already sustaining various degrees of injury in the process.

Speaking to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Vice Chairman for Ketu South, Mr. Daniel Akpalu he indicated that the new Sector Commander, Majeed Amandi “is the same cruise cargo vessels that had docked. We won’t accept cosmetic change at Aflao sector.”

He said if the government fails to do the right thing, and fails to listen to the people “we are going to lose votes. We have most ambitions and difficult path to winning this elections if we did not put our own people at the strategic position.”

Mr. Daniel Akpalu also pointed out that the sovereignty resides in the people, hence the interest of the people must be considered in taking such decisions as to who is appointed to what position.

According to him, putting Majeed Amandi as next sector commander is the serious miscalculation since “he is the worst among them. The door to his office may be open but the minds inside is completely closed.”

He also believes that some of these people including Majeed Amandi are planted to subvert the goal of this government and for that matter have resorted to a “self-serving reckless and fictitious way of doing things. This sort of flippant manner by which Mr Majeed Amandi is working is a serious concern of the party. There is no plausible explanations of the attacks by his men he deployed to the villages.”

He said: “The country economy is now in grave peril, authorities in government must take steps to address and confront this scourge of mass atrocity in our constituency here in Aflao.”


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