The Next NDC government will create 250,000 sustainable jobs with decent wages every Year– Sammy Gyamfi

The National Communications Officer of National Democratic Party NDC Mr. Sammy Gyamfi, says the next NDC John Dramani Mahama, government will create a minimum of 250,000 sustainable jobs with decent wages every year the next 4 years.

” As a first step soon after we are ushered into office, we shall pass the first of its kind in our nations history, an employment Act to provide a comprehensive framework for job creation and labour market statistics “, he said.

He continued that the next NDC government will create a 3 -shift economy, especially in manufacturing and other high -end services , which operates 24 hours non-stop. The additional two shifts will be a source of additional employment.

According to Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi, companies that currently operate 24 hours with only two shifts of 12 hours each in violation of the labour law ( which specifies a maximum of 8 hours), will be required to run three shifts and thus create a third stream of jobs.

Touching on stimulating sustainable private sector jobs, he said the next NDC government will reduce the cost of doing business in Ghana through tax cuts, so that businesses are able to plough back their savings into their businesses, expand and create sustainable jobs.

This he said the NDC Mahama government will provided tax rebates for businesses such us, A reduction of corporate income tax for medium scale businesses from 25% to 15%. To scraping of the 25% corporate income tax for small businesses. A two year tax Holiday for youth startups and businesses, and to scrap import duty on commercial vehicles and equipment imported into the country for agricultural, or agribusiness or industrial purposes.

Speaking at the 14th edition of the party’s weekly press briefing on Wednesday October 14th at party headquarters in Accra, Mr. Sammy Gyamfi attributed that the next NDC government will introduce “The Big Push” a 10 million dollars investment in infrastructure development across the country to close the infrastructure deficit facing the nation.

To him, it’s worth mentioning that only local contractors, local architects, local artisans, local materials and others will be be used under this policy as a way of supporting Ghanaian indigenous businesses. This will create about 90,000 jobs in the entire construction value chain every year,” he noted.

He furthered that, the next NDC government will integrate all persons currently engaged on ad hoc basis under the national builders corps ( NABCO) into the public sector and make them permanent employees. “We will change the remuneration of NABCO beneficiaries from their current pittance allowances to decent wages that offer these young ones a decent living. NABCO recruits can rest assured that under president John Mahama, they will have permanent jobs and paid on time,” Mr. Sammy Gyamfi disclosed.

Report by Bernard k Dadzie

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