The Poisoned Pen of Manasseh Azure Awuni: Unmasking the Wicked Chronicles of Malice and Deception!

By Mashood Bawa

In the realm of journalism, the principles of integrity, truth, and ethical reporting are the foundation upon which this esteemed profession is built. However, regrettably, there are individuals like Manasseh Azure Awuni, who do not wield their pens as instruments of enlightenment but rather as tools of deceit and malice. In a recent article that was filled with misinformation and ill intentions, Manasseh unashamedly aimed his words at Zoomlion Ghana Limited attempting to tarnish their impeccable reputation impliedly.
For over a decade, Manasseh has consistently propagated unverified claims against Zoomlion Ghana Limited and its parent company, the Jospong Group of Companies. His recent diatribe reached a new low as he sought to vilify the company and its chairman in the eyes of the public. His venomous words, disguised as investigative journalism, only serve to expose his own moral bankruptcy and ethical decline.
Manasseh’s recent fabrication revolved around an alleged contractual agreement between Zoomlion and the Volta River Authority (VRA) for fumigation purposes following the Akosombo Dam spillage exercise. However, reality swiftly and decisively contradicted his claims. The Volta River Authority (VRA), a reputable government institution responsible for generating and supplying electricity to Ghana and some other African countries, emphatically refuted Manasseh’s allegations. Zoomlion, too, stepped forward to disprove these baseless accusations, effectively exposing Manasseh with the falsehoods he had concocted.
Manasseh’s insidious agenda appears to have no limits. His attempt to besmirch the reputation of Zoomlion and its subsidiaries, which have consistently shown unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility, is not merely an assault on a corporate entity but a challenge to the well-being of the people of Ghana. Through various initiatives, including substantial relief donations and active participation in critical situations such as the Apeate Gas explosion, Zoomlion has repeatedly demonstrated its dedication to the nation’s welfare.
In his pursuit of sensationalism, Manasseh conveniently disregards the complexities of the contracts he attempts to dissect. Dr. Ebenezer Kwame Addai, the Managing Director of Vectorpes, a member of the Jospong Group of Companies, effectively dismantled Manasseh’s misconceptions. Dr. Addai clarified the intricacies of Zoomlion’s contracts, highlighting the substantial difference between routine disinfection efforts and the specialized decontamination needed for the submerged areas in question. Nevertheless, Manasseh persisted in his campaign of falsehoods, showing a complete disregard for truth and journalistic ethics.
One cannot help but ponder the motivations behind Manasseh’s relentless attacks. Is it professional jealousy, a personal vendetta, or simply a desperate bid to remain relevant in the ever-evolving media landscape? Whatever the reasons may be, Manasseh’s actions reek of malevolence and unprofessionalism. Journalism, a beacon of truth and accountability, deserves advocates who uphold these principles instead of thriving on deception and malice.
In the face of adversity, Zoomlion Ghana Limited and its subsidiaries remain resolute as was assured. Undeterred by Manasseh Azure Awuni’s leaking pen, they continue their unwavering commitment to a cleaner and safer Ghana. The legacy of their tireless efforts will overshadow the darkness of deceit, falsehood and misinformation, reaffirming that truth prevails, no matter how vigorously falsehoods are disseminated.
Now, the question must be asked again: Why does Manasseh consider himself the ultimate authority on all matters without seeking advice? In the case of the contract issue, it would have been prudent for him to seek clarification from either the VRA or Zoomlion before taking it to the press, as this is a fundamental principle of responsible journalism. Rather he decides to use a radio report from an engineer, who clearly was not privy to Zoomlions earlier announcement to provide FREE decontamination which was widely reported in the media from 24th October. One would have thought that the so called investigative journalist would have his acclaimed documentary evidence of the said contract.
Fueled by his animosity towards Zoomlion and his relentless campaign to tarnish the company’s reputation in the public eye, Manasseh often leaps to conclusions without verifying the facts. This has been his consistent approach over the years, as evidenced by his past actions against companies associated with the Agams Group.
Zoomlion, working independently, has achieved significant milestones, including establishing 16 waste recycling facilities in Ghana, constructing 5 wastewater and medical waste treatment plants, successfully decommissioning the Kpone and Oti landfills, and setting up waste transfer stations, among other accomplishments, leading Ghana’s drive for a circular economy and achieving several of the sustainable development goal. If Manasseh’s baseless accusations had managed to harm the company a decade ago, one can only imagine the state of waste management in Ghana today.
Manasseh has a poisoned pen which does more harm to Ghana than good and the earlier our minds are opened up to the stuck reality, the better for us all.

Mashoud Bawa is a development communication specialist with interest in the environmental sanitation. Contact:

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