Togolese Diaspora in Ghana Holds Get-together Event To Promote Mutual Growth Development*

Togolese Diaspora in Ghana held event aimed to foster togetherness among Togolese diaspora members in Ghana and representatives from other foreign communities, promoting networking, idea-sharing, and collaborations for mutual growth and development.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Oyerepa news, Vice President of the Togolese Diaspora in Ghana (DIASTOGH) and Lecturer at Valley View University, Mr. Amouzou Edah Assou, urged Togo nationals living in Ghana to refrain from interfering in the country’s electoral process.

The Togolese Diaspora in Ghana’s get-together event at the National Theatre in Accra, he emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and neutrality during the December polls.

Mr. Assou stressed that Ghana is a peaceful country in West Africa, and Togo nationals should promote peace and unity during the election period, rather than creating divisions.

Mr. Amey Eklou, Secretary for the Togolese Diaspora in Ghana, highlighted the challenges faced by Togolese youth, who are forced to travel abroad in search of jobs due to a lack of employment opportunities in Togo.

Adding that the event aimed to bring togetherness among members of the Togolese diaspora in Ghana and the representatives from other foreign communities to network, share ideas, and foster collaborations for mutual growth and

He appealed to the government to create more jobs for youth and reduce taxes for businesses to promote growth. external sites.

Report by Bernard K Dadzie

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