The minister in charge of the Holy Church of Bethlehem at Gomoa Akropong in the Central Region, Rev. Isaac Ansah has debunked the notion held by some that the practice of herbal medicine has spiritual connotations and as such its use by some pastors in recent times for treatment is against the principles of the Bible, stressing that rather the use of herbs for treatment dates back to the early creation when God ordered mankind to eat the fruits and use its herbs for treatment, and therefore the is nothing wrong for a pastor to hold on to the practice.

His response follows recent condemnation by a section of the public who have accused pastors of venturing into the practice of the use of herbal medicine in their churches in recent times, instead of concentrating on the preaching of the word of God.

The practice has become a common norm nowadays, with most men of God on both the traditional and social media exhibiting and claiming to have herbal medicine that treats all kinds of diseases. But this, Rev. Ansah said has nothing wrong with it so long as it is a directive from God and as such can not be condemned by any.

By: Robert Ayanful

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