We need a new bus…Principal called on the government.

The principal of Akyem Oda Community Nursing and Midwifery Training School, Mr. Jones Abeka Baah, has called on the government to help them purchase a school bus to ease movement for the institution.

Currently, the 34-year-old school bus has spoit, and it has made students movement very difficult. Any time they want to for training and other stuff, they have to rent a Metro Mass Transit bus before they can go out.

In an interview with the media after matriculation, the principal of the institution, Mr. Jones Abeka Baah, called on the government to help them purchase the bus so that it will make movement very easy for them.

According to him, he has been talking about the bus, but up until now they have yet to get one, so he is pleading with stakeholders to come to their aid and help them get the bus.

He said even though there are no rooms in the institution that house the lectures, it’s also difficult for the lectures.

They commission three-story buildings for the school.

Report by Raskorsa.

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