Yango Marks First Anniversary in Ghana

It has been an amazing year for the Yango ride-hailing app service in Ghana.
June 06, 2020 marks a year since we officially launched in Ghana.
The journey has been incredible, from mundane destinations, to offices and to amazing parties, riders on the Yango app have received a stable service with comfort and affordability.
Speaking on Yango’s anniversary celebration in Ghana, General Manager for Yango West Africa, Mr. Kadotien Soro said,
“It is very satisfying to see how with great support from our partners we have seamlessly provided Ghanaians with innovative services through the use of the Yango app.
We are delighted to have reached this milestone particularly because of the competitive market we find ourselves in and are elated to celebrate this achievement with our esteemed partners, customers and friends.”
As a result of constant feedback from our riders and drivers on the app, we have been able to make tailor-made services to suit different tastes and styles among which is the Comfort tariff which was launched in July last year.
The Comfort Tariff follows the Economy Tariff campaign, which sought to provide riders with a wide range of quality cars and specially prepared drivers.
The Comfort Tariff, unlike the economy tariff, affords the rider the opportunity to select a ride based on a person’s style and comfort needs.
In this challenging time of COVID-19 pandemic, we gave a discount to riders who requested for trips to and from selected hospitals in Accra.
Our driver hubs have distributed safety kits to drivers on the Yango app on a regular basis. Drivers on the Yango App have been informed on essential protective measures which are to be adhered to at all times.
Yango is a ride-hailing app, which connects its users who wish to take a ride with eligible partner companies whose drivers are willing to serve the users’ orders.
The Yango service is operated by Yandex.Taxi B.V., a member of the Yandex Group — one of the largest IT companies in Europe. Presently, Yango which is also known under the Yandex. Taxi brand operates in 17 countries.
The ride-hailing app uses its own mapping, routing, and navigation technologies, as well as a machine learning-based order distribution system.
This combination reduces the time drivers spend looking for passengers as well as time to arrive to passengers and to take them to their final destination.
All these factors help reduce the net cost of a ride. The Yango app is free for download in both the App Store and Play Store in English, French and other languages.

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