Youth in Bawku Central Constituency Demand Change and Development…

In the Upper East Region of Ghana lies the Bawku Central Constituency, a constituency in need of urgent development.

The area has been experiencing a lack of basic amenities such as good roads, clean water, and healthcare services. The constituency is also facing the issue of high youth unemployment, which has led to a rise in social vices.

Bawku Central constituency is a predominantly agricultural area, and the agricultural sector needs significant investment to enable farmers to produce more crops and increase their incomes.

Providing modern farming equipment, improving irrigation systems, and developing better marketing channels for agricultural produce will significantly improve the lives of farmers in the constituency.

For many years the youth in the constituency have yearned for them to be empowered with skills, training, and education to enable them to compete in the job market know matter where they find themselves.

According to the youth providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and job creation will help reduce unemployment rates and improve the standard of living for young people living in the constituency. But all these are unavailable.

Overall, the Bawku Central constituency needs significant investment in infrastructure, youth empowerment, agriculture, security, and good governance to enable the constituency to reach its full potential and improve the lives of its residents.

The constituency has been represented in parliament for the past four terms by its current member of parliament who is accused of having failed to bring significant development to the area despite serving in several ministerial positions under the erstwhile administration he belonged to.

His lack of action has left the youth of the constituency feeling frustrated and disillusioned.

It is for this reason that the youth of the constituency have called for change in their parliamentary representation which they believe it will turn around the fortunes of the constituency and bring developments to the community and its environs.

It is against this backdrop, Ustarz Jibreel Sa-ad, a young lawyer from Bawku, has emerged as the face of the youth and the hope of securing developments for the community.

Ustarz Jibreel Sa-ad is a lawyer who was born in Bawku.

His father was a renown and revered Muslim cleric called Jibreel Ustarz.  Unfortunately, his father passed away when he was only two years old.

Despite the early demise of his father, Sa-ad worked hard to become a lawyer.

He was called to the Ghana Bar on September 30th, 2016.  He graduated as the overall best student in several areas of law such as Law of Interpretation, Family Law, and Legal Accountancy.

Ustarz Jibreel Sa-ad is a solicitor of the superior court of Ghana who practices mainly in the Ashanti Region. Despite his success and recognition, he is very humble and continues to work hard to serve his community.

He has inspired and assisted many young people from his constituency to read law-some of whom are now legal practitioners. After being called to the Bar he dedicated all his time serving individual clients and corporate bodies.  Due to his prowess in law his colleagues have nicknamed him “The Law”.

As both internal and national elections draw closer, Ustarz Jibreel Sa-ad’s popularity continues to grow not only among the youth but the constituency as a whole. His message of change and commitment to serving the people have resonated with the people of the constituency. He is seen as the hope for the next generation.

Ustarz Jibreel Sa-ad is a shining example of dedication, hard work, and commitment to serving his constituency and country.

He is the hope of the good people of the Bawku Central Constituency.  Many people across the political divide are yearning for him to represent them the upcoming general election.


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