June 14, 2024



June 13, 2024

Okaikwei North NDC Member Detained For Birth Certificate Falsification In Voter Registration Case

Checks reveal that a member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been detained by the police in Okaikwei North for allegedly falsifying documents to register three voters ahead of the December elections. According to police sources, two additional suspects implicated in the case are currently at large, and
June 13, 2024

British-Ghanaian Citizen Suhununu Mahama Arizini Runs Away with UK Investors’ Money

According to an ongoing investigation, a British-Ghanaian Citizen, Mr. Suhununu Mahama Arizini(also known as Zini) has allegedly defrauded Bellingham Telecommunications Limited(UK) in Ghana to the sum of over thousands of British Pounds. The Headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department(CID) has been petitioned to investigate the alleged fraudulent case involving Suhununu
June 12, 2024

Let keep our environment clean: District Pastor of the Church of the Lord Brotherhood advice Ghanaians.

Archdeacon Eric Mantey, Head Pastor of the Church of the Lord Brotherhood, Akyem Oda District, has urged Ghanaians to keep their environment clean. Speaking to the media after their 50th anniversary celebration, he emphasized the importance of cleanliness, especially during the rainy season, to prevent sickness. He encouraged individuals to
June 12, 2024

I don’t do illegal mining: Kotoku Abontendom Hene.

Osabarima Ankomah Bempong, the Akyem Kotoku Abontendom Hene, has clarified that he is engaged in legal mining, not illegal mining (galamsey). He was arrested on May 1, 2023, along with three Yemeni nationals, on allegations of illegal mining in Asomdwe, a suburb of Akyem Oda. The Minerals Commission and Artisanal


May 22, 2024

How Africa’s largest payments network is integrating social mission with its business aspirations

Being deliberate about creating a “greater purpose” is essential to building an authentic corporate culture, engaging stakeholders, and navigating the evolving landscape of corporate philanthropy. This is the philosophy behind Africa’s largest digital payments network, Onafriq’s, extensive growth and vision to unify the continent’s digital payments landscape according to its
May 22, 2024

Ghana’s FINTECH Industry Making Giant Strides – Kwabena Adu Koranteng writes

The Financial Technology industry in Ghana continuous to rise above imagination as regards the rate of attraction from both domestic and foreign direct investments characterizing its operations Ghana has, over the past few years, experienced the trend of fast-rising Fintech companies in and outside the country. Over 70 Fintech companies
May 20, 2024

Message Of Condolence To The Supreme Leader Of Iran

In the name of Allah, the most beneficial and the most Merciful MESSAGE OF CONDOLENCE TO THE SUPREME LEADER OF IRAN, AYATOLLAH KHAMENEI, THE IRANIAN PEOPLE, THE IRANIAN CONSULATE IN GHANA AND THE MUSLIM WORLD. “And do not imagine that those who were killed in God’s path are dead. No!
May 17, 2024

Embracing Africapitalism: Path to Sustainable Development and Economic Empowerment

Africa stands at crossroads – a continent beaming with potential, innovation, and promise. As we navigate the complexities of the global landscape, it is important that we chart a course towards sustainable development, inclusive growth, and shared prosperity. At the forefront of this transformative journey is the philosophy of Africapitalism—a