Akyem Oda District Manager for Forestry Commission advice students to get involve in tree planting.

The Akyem Oda District Manager of the Forestry Commission, Madam Cynthia Okai, has urged children to participate in tree planting exercises to protect the environment.

Speaking to the media after this year’s Green Ghana day, the District Manager emphasized that the theme “Green for Greener Tomorrow” is particularly significant for children, as they are the future leaders who will inherit the planet.

She stressed that the trees planted today are for the benefit of future generations, and encouraged children to take good care of them.

Rev. Dr. Vincent Appiah, the Akenkasu District Minister of the Church of Pentecost, echoed the importance of tree planting, highlighting the numerous benefits trees provide to humanity.

He cautioned that cutting down trees without replanting can have severe consequences and emphasized that it is everyone’s responsibility to plant and protect trees, as well as preserve our forests.

Report by Samuel Quao.